Why We Chose A Black Series Alpha Camper Trailer

Here we are at the start of 2017; thinking about all the awesome adventures we want to go on. We are constantly trying to work out how we can spend more time seeing Australia and unfortunately it always seems to come back to the costs.

In an effort to explore more while being thrifty and utilising free camping, we decided it was time for a change. So we did it! We finally bought a Black Series Alpha camper trailer. This is something that we have been contemplating for a few years now and because our love for camping keeps growing, we’re hoping this will help us to get out into the wilderness for longer periods of time.

Black Series Alpha Camper trailer - Toyota Fortuner towing

I think deep down everyone has the plan to keep camping simple. Reality is though, the more you camp the more gear you will end up with. It is after all human nature to make yourself more comfortable and perfect your campsite. The urge to get out of a tent and off the ground will eventually come for everyone; the hard part is making the decision to take the next step. We would have loved a $60k caravan, unfortunately we just don’t have that sort of money lying around. So natural progression for us was always going to be a camper trailer.

Toyota Fortuner camping Chichester State Forest

The camper trailer contenders

In our search for finding the perfect camper trailer we would always go from one extreme to the next. A Patriot Camper at a staggering $40k to a Black Series Alpha at $9k; occasionally entertaining the thought of a Johnno’s Camper at around $20K.

When it came to the crunch we decided if we were going to spend $40K on a camper trailer we may as well look at a caravan, so the Patriot was out. The Johnno’s trailer was priced at over twice the amount of a Black Series camper yet offered little to nothing extra. Definitely nothing worth an extra $10k anyway so it was also scratched off the list.

So that was that. The Black Series camper was the one for us. It was better value for money and appeared to the best option. Only time will tell.

Black Series Alpha Camper trailer being towed by Toyota Fortuner - Pines Camping Watagans National Park
I will say the other two options are Australian built camper trailers and possibly even better quality then our new Black Series Alpha but at the end of the day they are all just a box trailer with a tent on them.

Black Series Alpha Camper trailer- set up

So what does $9k actually get you?

The main reason we liked the Alpha camper trailer was because it has individual compartments down both sides with a huge tool box on the drawbar and everything is lockable; so you know your gear will be safe when you’re out exploring.

The Alpha seems to have a place for everything and all the necessary gear including a 12V battery system, 85L water tank and kitchen as well as storage for 2x 9kg gas bottles and 2x 20L jerrycans.
All this with a queen size bed up off the ground is sure to make longer trips more comfortable, well we hope anyway.

Black Series Alpha Camper trailer - bed inside

As with everything, there are pros and cons. Our main ones are listed below:


*Accommodation is cheaper, hopefully free most of the time.
*It is always packed and ready to go.  Just add beer and food.
*Sleeping up off the floor in a queen size bed.
*It has plenty of space and a place for everything.
*Pack up time is less – eliminates having to roll up mattresses and sleeping bags.
*It has a water tank and a kitchen.

Black Series Alpha Camper trailer - Kitchen


*Not as comfortable as a cabin.
*It’s heavy and uses more fuel towing.
*If you want to set up more than the main tent, there’s a shit load of poles for the extra annexes.
*It’s big. So you need more room to set up and it restricts some places you can go.

We think we can look past the cons and make it work for us. Well we’re going to try anyway.

Black Series Alpha Camper trailer- Toyota Fortuner - Camping Watagans National Park

Some of the trips planned for this year

*An outback adventure to Lighting Ridge to kick some rocks and hopefully find some Opals. 5 day trip.

*Exploring some of NSW South Coast with a week long trip. Hopping town to town visiting some of the beautiful National Parks in the area.

*A heap of weekend getaways to those places that are just a little too far for day trips. We’re hoping to see a lot more of the areas within a few hours drive like the Blue Mountains and the Mid North Coast.

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Black Series Alpha Camper trailer- Camping Watagans National Park - The Pines Campground

So follow our adventures here, on Facebook and Instagram and see if camper trailer life is the ideal family escape.

If nothing else you might be able to score a cheap hardly used Black Series Alpha camper trailer in a few months.

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