Why buy a Nissan Y62 patrol

It is no secret we have a new 4wd, a new Nissan y62 patrol series 5. Like all our 4wds its main purpose is to get us off the beaten track and into the great outdoors.

Why buy a Nissan Y62 patrol

When time came to retire the old Fortuner after 5 years and 160 000 km of good times and memories. It was always going to be hard to find a worthy replacement. We still needed 6 seats so that ruled out every dual cab Ute option. So many good options too.

The options

When I sat down and actually thought about what would be suitable replacement for the old Fortuner, I realised there are no other mid-sized 4wd wagons that would be better or do anything more than what the old Fortuner was capable of.

This didn’t leave many options. Taking into account I couldn’t get a 200 series land cruiser, and in my opinion they are way overpriced. Landrover? Well there just isn’t one that suited our needs. Mitsubishi Pajero (not sport) no thank you. Not that there is anything wrong with these options they’re just not me.

This leaves the Nissan Patrol y62. Could I really drive a Nissan? Most don’t know this about me, but I actually don’t have any real brand loyalty. I see all 4wds for what they are and actually appreciate many different makes and models.

Nissan Y62 patrol offroad Fraser Island

Why a Nissan Y62 patrol

To be honest the big v8 Nissan patrol has appealed to my inner Bogan for a long time. But up until the series 5 y62 Nissan patrol I hadn’t completely loved them. With the series 5 new boxy front and rear redesign I was convinced I needed one. There was just something about this brick on wheels that had me hooked.

Heading to several local dealers I realised really quickly if I wanted one I was going to have to wait. At least 5 months. I couldn’t even test drive before I committed. This would have been daunting but luckily I had driven a brand new series 4 y62 patrol 18 months earlier. This was the reason I knew I needed one.

400 horsepower v8 luxury 4wd wagon with more space than you can imagine. Yep, this ticks some boxes.

The good

The size – It is a massive 4wd meaning lots of space. The interior is massive, 8 seats that you can actually take 8 people in reasonable comfort. Room still in the rear for cargo even with the 3rd row in use.

The comfort – Like a recliner on wheels is a pretty fair statement. Big plush spacious leather seats with leg room in all three rows. Tri zone climate control with rear vents for everyone’s comfort. HBMC suspension designed for a car like ride. (This will also get a mention in the bad)

The tech – 360˚ cameras make for parking this massive 4wd easy. Also offer extra vision offroad. Radar cruise control, blind spot monitoring, emergency braking, GPS and so on. It is a reasonably smart car.

The power – This is the real selling point for me and the main reason we brought one. 298kw of power and 560nm of torque. WOW just WOW.

Modifications – The y62 patrol is easy to make more capable and there is so much gear available for them.

Why buy a Nissan Y62 patrol

The bad

Apple car play – Seriously what luxury car in 2021 doesn’t have this. Luckily I can live without it. There is aftermarket options if you can’t though.

Fuel – It is a big, heavy, not aerodynamic petrol 4wd. But to be completely honest. If you don’t modify them its reasonable considering. Stock is around high 11’s on the highway and 14s combined. I never worked it out around town because I don’t drive enough in city conditions.

Independent suspension – This sits on the fence for me there are plenty of good points for on road. Off road it has good travel (for all independent suspension). HBMC is a bit tricky to lift but can be done.

Why buy a Nissan Y62 patrol

And the ugly

Woodgrain – Does anyone really see fake woodgrain interior as classy and luxurious anymore? I think not.

Chrome – So much bling! I must admit I hated it at the start. Now I’m used to seeing it and I can live with it.

Nissan Y62 patrol offroad

Final thoughts

There is so much to love about the Nissan y62 patrol and a little to hate. Over all for us it is a great replacement for the old Fortuner. Big, comfortable and powerful. On top of that it is capable and definitely modifiable.

We are looking forward to modifying the big Patrol and getting out and using it for what it was made for.

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