Watagans National Park 4×4 Tracks

When I hear Watagans National Park, I automatically think of 4×4 tracks. There is everything on offer from a casual Sunday drive to tracks that’d make your ‘comp truck’ cringe.

If you are looking for good day trips from Sydney full of 4wd tracks or a 4wd camping adventure, the Watagans has you covered. If four wheel driving is what you are looking for, these are my top 5 Watagans 4×4 tracks.

If you are looking for some harder tracks to challenge yourself, check out these Watagans 4wd tracks.

Watagans National Park 4x4 Tracks | Toyota Fortuner Flexing | Watagans 4x4 tracks

Watagan Forest Road

I know what the locals are thinking, this isn’t a 4wd track! If you’ve never been to the Watagans, I recommend driving down Watagan Forest Rd and take in the sights. Just keep your eyes peeled for the fun little 4×4 tracks off to the sides. It’s worth checking out the lookouts, campgrounds and just getting a feel for the place.

Watagan Forest Road runs from Cooranbong in the Hunter Valley down to Jilliby on the Central Coast. The easiest access to this track is from Cooranbong at the Mount Faulk Rd entrance to the Watagans. If you’re starting at the Jilliby entrance from Jilliby Rd, turn onto Watagan Forest Rd.

Track Grade – Easy

Watagans 4wd tracks | Ford Ranger in Watagans National Park

Greens Break Road

Greens Break Rd is one of my favourite Watagans 4wd tracks. This Hunter Valley 4wd track is popular as it offers everything from small bog holes to challenging climbs and even a huge old tree you will need to cross. Not to mention the track starts off at 5 Ways; a rock wall on the side of the track that offers technical low range climbs.

The easiest access to this Hunter Valley 4×4 track is from the Martinsville Rd entrance to the Watagans.

 Track Grade – Medium

Watagans National Park 4x4 Tracks | Toyota Fortuner rock climb

Creek Road

Creek Road is a popular Watagans 4×4 track because it’s located right near Olney Headquarters Campground and many of the other Watagans campgrounds. This track offers some challenging ruts, slippery climbs and good rock steps.

The easiest access to this Hunter Valley 4wd track is from the Martinsville Rd entrance to the Watagans.

Track Grade – Medium

Watagans National Park 4x4 Tracks | Ford PX Ranger Flexing | Watagans 4x4 tracks

CPT 80 Road

CPT 80 Rd is an old forestry logging compartment but you wouldn’t know by looking at it today. It is a great track that offers big puddles, huge ruts for plenty of flex, rock step downs and step ups. It also has a challenging technical climb out and bottomless bog holes that if you don’t have a winch, I wouldn’t even consider going near.

The easiest access to this Central Coast 4wd track is from the Mandalong entrance – Mandalong Rd onto Tobins Dr.

 Track Grade – Hard

Toyota Fortuner 4wding CTP80 track | Watagans 4x4 tracks

Daniels Point Road

Daniels Point Rd has become one of the better known Watagans 4×4 tracks over the years; made famous by the likes of 4WD Action and is known for its huge ruts, deep bog holes and insane climbs. It’s a 4wd bucket list type of track. One of those places that you’ll be talking about around the campfire for years to come.

The easiest access to this Central Coast 4×4 track is from the Jilliby entrance – Jilliby Rd onto Watagan Forest Rd.

Track Grade – Extreme 

Watagans National Park 4x4 Tracks | Ford PX Ranger driving through a deep puddle | Watagans 4x4 tracks

So much more than Watagans 4×4 tracks

If you are looking for a great place to spend a weekend, the Watagans National Park has plenty to offer. You’ll find lots of camping, lookouts and great 4×4 tracks that you’ll easily be able to spend a whole weekend out exploring. While you are there, you may as well put your 4wd to the test. Challenge your skills have a look at some of the Watagans 4×4 tracks!

Watagans National Park 4x4 Tracks | Camping | Black Series Campers Alpha

4×4 Grade Key

Easy – You’ll be able to take on these tracks in H4
Medium – You will have some L4 challenges, around a 50/50 mix of L4 / H4.
Hard – You will be in L4 most of the time and need good line selection.
Extreme – You will be in L4 start to finish, need a good spotter and line selection is crucial.

*This is based off my own 4×4 experience. Please use your own judgement and don’t confuse your ambitions with your capabilities.
*All Watagans 4wd tracks can be subject to closures from time to time. Please check NSW Parks and Wildlife Services before heading out.

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If you find yourself enjoying the Watagans 4×4 tracks, make sure you stop and take a photo, selfie, whatever your preference is and share it on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @happy_go_travel so we can see how much fun you are having!

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