Watagans 4wd Hard Tracks

It has been a while since we have shared a list of 4wd tracks close to Sydney and Newcastle. For those who don’t know, the Watagans National Park in the Hunter Valley is our local stomping ground.

The Watagans does after all offer some of the best 4wd tracks Australia has to offer. Here are some of the harder Watagans 4wd tracks that we have been playing around on lately.

Toyota Fortuner Whitemans Lane Watagans 4wd tracks

Drury Lane, Watagans

Puddles galore with a few good hill climbs thrown in for good measure. That pretty much sums up Drury Lane. What is a Watagans puddle one week can become a famous Watagans bog hole the next, so check your depths.

From the start you will be into puddle after puddle. There are a couple of easy hill climbs and a great trench you will come through. There is one really deep and long challenging bog hole along the way so take care in this one. Watagans mud has the type of smell that will stay with you forever.

Most people will start at Mandalong Rd end. This will put you in a good position to check out Whitemans Lane.

  • The best access to this Watagans 4wd track is via Mandalong Rd in Dooralong.

Track Grade – Hard

Wave Rock Rd, Watagans

You probably think you have a good idea why this track is called Wave Rock Road, however, it’s actually not as “wavey” as you may think. Starting at the bottom of Watagan Creek Road you will be driving into what almost looks a tropical rainforest.

As you would expect you get a few good puddles, but it quickly turns to a loose steep rocky climb. You will then reach the waves. A series of rock steps that are spaced so perfectly apart that when you are trying to pop the front up the back will be trying to climb as well. The good news is there is plenty of loose rocks around for packing and if all else fails there is no shortage of good quality winch trees.

From here it’s just a couple of good steep mildly rutted hill climbs until you reach the top. The top flat section is quite overgrown and is tight in places.

  • The best access to this Watagans 4wd track is off Watagan Creek Rd.

Track Grade – Hard

Wave Rock Rd, Watagans 4wd hard tracks

Farrell’s 3 (Erzberg Extreme Hill), Watagans

When a track starts off with a massive triple rock step that is steep, you just know it’s going to be good. Welcome to Farrell’s Rd 3. Once you conquer the first steps you are faced with a good rutted climb. Then you will come to the last set of steps. Here is the real challenge, big steps that run on an angle across the tack. Not only will they put you on a crazy angle but they will lean you in really close to a couple of unforgiving trees. Once at the top it’s a casual drive back out.

If you’re going to do Wave Rock Road you may as well have a look at Farrell’s 3, they are so close to each other.

  • You will find this Watagans hard 4wd track off New Mill Road.

Track Grade – Extreme Toyota Fortuner on Farrell's 3 Rock steps , Watagans national park

Whitemans Lane, Watagans

If you like rock steps, Whitemans Lane is for you. You will start off with some of the biggest deepest ruts the Watagans has to offer. Then quickly it turns to rock. A massive unforgiving step up that marks the first of five main sections.

Each of these sections is filled with big rock steps, step climbs and to top it off it’s slippery. Even just standing can be a challenge in places, so watch your step. You will come to a rock garden with a few steps and that is the last of the challenges. You will just cruise along the ridgeline until it spits you out on Watagan Forest Rd.

  • The best way to get on this Watagans track is from Dooralong Road, Dooralong.

Track Grade – Extreme 

Cut Rock, Watagans

There is no mistaking Cut Rock! Once on the track, you will squeeze between a couple of trees. Now you are looking directly at the steps that lead you right to the doorstep of Cut Rock. If you like tight spaces, then you will love cut rock. But just be cautious, like most Watagans 4×4 tracks it is very unforgiving. If you manage to squeeze through you will have a few more good challenging steps ahead before you climb back out.

This one is a little tricky to find, the 4wd track known as Cut Rock isn’t called Cut Rock Rd. It’s actually a little track that comes off the end of Cut Rock Forest Road. It’s marked as Burnt Bridge Rd on the map. If you do happen to end up exploring Cut Rock Road there are heaps of awesome challenging side tracks to explore.

  • The best way to find this Watagans 4wd track is from Sauls Road, Mandalong.

Track Grade – Extreme 

Cut Rock Watagans national park 4wd track

Watagans 4wd tracks

If you are driving a twin locked GQ on 35’s or above that looks like it’s been kissing a sledgehammer, then these will more than likely be moderate tracks. If you have a touring set up like our Fortuner you are going to be well challenged.

All of these 4×4 tracks are the sort of 4wding the Watagans is famous for. Sometimes you might get through in 15 minutes but other times it can take half a day. So remember to go prepared, take it easy and make sure someone knows where you are. These Watagans 4wd tracks are definitely for experienced 4wders, if you happen to get it wrong they will be unforgiving.

If you are looking for some easy tracks to get started on, check out these 4×4 tracks.

Good luck and enjoy!

If you find yourself enjoying the Watagans 4wd tracks, make sure you stop and take a photo, selfie, whatever your preference is and share it on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram @happy_go_travel so we can see how much fun you are having!


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    We’ve been looking for some new places to go 4WDing and this place looks fantastic. Thank you.

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