Vivid Sydney 2018 – Everything You Need To Know!

Vivid Sydney 2018 will see the culmination of 10 years’ worth of creativity, ideas, art and technology all intersect in an explosion of colour, light and sound. This truly is Australia’s largest event and it’s right around the corner!

Vivid Sydney 2018 well be celebrated from 25th May to 16th June 2018.

Vivid Sydney Lighting of the sales

Sydney Opera House – Vivid Sydney 2017

What to see and do

Attendees of Vivid Sydney 2018 will be absolutely spoilt for choice. There is a huge array of talented performers, exciting and entrancing art scapes and sights and sounds sure to astound even the most seasoned festival attendee.

Here are the highlights of what visitors to Vivid Sydney 2018 can expect to see, hear and do!

Absolute must-see events

There are a number of MUST-DO’s on the calendar for this year’s Vivid Sydney.

Vivid Sydney 2018 - Sydney Harbour Bridge

Vivid Sydney 2017

Harbour Lights

25 May – 16 June

A satellite-navigational grid coordinates light changes all across the harbour and many boats in the area participate in the display as well! It’s truly gorgeous and you can see it from any number of vantage points (see the best ones down the bottom of the article).

Lighting of the Sails: Metamathemagical

25 May – 16 June

The beautiful, iconic sails of the Opera House are transformed into kinetic digital sculptures that evoke imagery of the native Australian environment. It’s an explosion of colour and delight that will take your breath away.

The Spirit Of Fun At Luna Park

25 May – 16 June

This year marks the first time Luna Park will be included in Vivid Sydney and what a treat it will be! Celebrate the history and magic of this renowned destination with an installation that speaks for itself. Smiles and laughter rule here!



25th May – 16th June
6pm – 11pm

See the historic Cadmans Cottage transformed into a virtual space where rooms are filled with tens of thousands of responsive toy balls! Interactions and movements within this space manipulate the balls – making this a unique experience for every visitor who enters and one that is filled with endless possibilities.


25th May – 16th June
6pm – 11pm

An area of almost 50 metres around the 2.4×2.4 illuminated steel cube frame is lit up with wild projections. Shapes and coloured light dance and shimmer in the area surrounding the installation, invited all who pass it to gaze in wonder and excitement.

Harmony Valley – Rainbow Of Peace & Trees Of Friendship

25th May – 16th June
6pm – 11pm

Super kawaii! The cute characters here will be reminiscent of traditional and modern Japanese cartoons. The intention is to highlight the cute aesthetics of this design to heighten emotions of nature, playfulness and a sense of vulnerability. And it’s adorable!

For more VISUAL aspects of Vivid Sydney 2018 follow this link!

Vivid Sydney Harbour bridge with sydney harbour bridge

Vivid Sydney 2017


Vivid Jazz – Orange Is The New Black’s Lea Delaria

9th June
8pm – 9.30pm

From $40

You may know her as Boo from Orange Is The New Black but this is a whole different side of Lea DeLaria. Her combination of stand up comedy and sultry vocals makes this a hard-hitting, highly entertaining show that has been described as ‘high energy genius’.

Cat Power – Moon Pix 20th Anniversary

31st May
8pm – 10pm
From $69

Cat Power has been a powerhouse of female energy on the music scene for over 20 years. Her ‘anti bubblegum pop’ is a revelation of spirit and girl power. She revists Moon Pix, her breakthrough album, in style at the Opera House for Vivid Sydney 2018.

Curve Ball

16th June
3pm – 10pm
From $82

This is a mini dance-music festival that features the likes of Alison Wonderland, Vera Blue, Crooked Colours, Poloshirt and more. It’s a large-scale live show that will employ immersive visuals set against an industrial backdrop. Not to be missed for EDM fans!

For more AUDIO aspects of Vivid Sydney 2018 follow this link!

Vivid Sydney ferry

Vivid Sydney 2017


Vivid Sydney 2018 is all about big ideas. You can “join masterminds, game changers and creative catalysts to explore the future shaping scenarios” that they envisage defining our lives.

Here’s who you should definitely go and see.

Game Changer – Peggy Oki And Laura Wells

6th June
6.30pm – 8pm
From $25

Two women with very different profiles discuss how you can become an agent for change. An evocative, interesting and exciting look into the lives of women who have worked hard to make a difference.

Game Changer – Jane Mcgonical / Kriti Sharma

3rd June
5pm – 6.30pm
From $25

Video games and artificial intelligence, and the latest developments in these fields are explored as the speakers ask the question – what sort of society are we building with tech and who will benefit from it?

For more IDEAS aspects of Vivid Sydney 2018 follow this link!

Considerations when attending Vivid Sydney 2018

As this is Australia’s largest event, it also draws some of the largest crowds. There is plenty of great and interesting content to go around, however, expect that the crowds will at times become a little overwhelming.

Driving in could prove more problematic and costly than one would expect. Visitors to Vivid Sydney 2018 are advised that public transport is a preferable option that will negate the need to pay for parking or sit in traffic jams. It will also mean that visitors will have more freedom to walk between installations and venues and not worry about the need to constantly move their vehicle.

The start of the festival period is generally less busy and might be the better time to attend. Viewing installations on weeknights will prove less busy than leaving it to the weekend.

Ensure you are appropriately dressed. You’ll want to be comfortable (lots of standing and walking) and prepared for any inclement weather.

Bringing your own food and drinks may make your visits to Vivid Sydney 2018 more affordable. If you are attending a ticketed event please check their food and drink policy prior to bringing in any of your own food.

Sydney harbour with both the Sydney harbour bridge and sydney opera house

Vantage Points for Vivid Sydney 2018

The Rocks, Circular Quay, Darlinghurst and The Sydney Opera House continue to be the best vantage points to experience this exciting festival. There are installations throughout the city so ensure you travel outside of these borders as well in order to be able to experience all of it.

Attending Vivid Sydney 2018

We are truly blessed as a country to play host to so many exciting, innovative and interesting festivals. A huge event like Vivid Sydney is the jewel in the crown when it comes to creative event planning. Attending events like this, whether as a local or a tourist, is a truly wonderful experience and one that is not to be missed.

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