UNIDEN X76 uhf radio review

There are a few must have 0 and a UHF radio is one of these. Building our new y62 Patrol we went in search of a new UHF for it. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a brand new to be released Uniden X76 uhf radio.

This tiny little unit packs some serious punch. It is an 80 channel, 5 watt radio. It has a speaker on both the hand piece and the base unit, this makes for loud, crisp and clear sound quality. The Uniden X76 uhf radios would have to be one of the clearest I’ve used.

Person talking on Uniden X76 UHF radio

Uniden rate the X76 as a trade quality unit and It’s easy to see it will live up to the rough and tumble of 4wd life. It has a really good quality durable feel. The hand piece is also very comfortable and ergonomic in your hand. One thing I love is the hard audible click buttons, while the unit is small they are also easy see and use.

The all in one hand piece of the X76 is well set out and easy to use. With a large LCD display that is easy to read and has 7 different colour options to match most vehicle interior lighting. A large channel display, volume displayed while adjusting and a signal strength meter displayed when sending and receiving transmissions. It displays all the information as you need it.

The remote mic has easy one touch buttons. All the usual ones you would expect, channel change, volume adjustment, scan etc. The X76 also has a priority button that will take you to the channel you set as priority. Dual channel watch, to be able to monitor your current channel and priority channel at the same time. Also an emergency button that takes you to channel 5&35 at the quick press of a button.

The Uniden X76 also has more technical features like CTCSS (Continuous tone coded squelch system) to make a private channel. Also Duplex capabilities should you need a repeater for further signal. I’ll be honest all this is beyond my UHF radio needs and capabilities. But it is nice to know if I ever learn how to use them, they’re there.

The size of the Uniden X76 is compact. The base is really small making it easy to mount with the quick release bracket. The hand piece is compact but all buttons and LCD feel like a good proportion. The X76 hand piece bracket comes with strong double side tape if you don’t want to screw it in position.

Uniden X76 uhf radio review - Uniden AT970BKS antenna

Like all uhf radios it is only as good as its aerial, this is why we opted to use a Uniden AT970BKS. This is a black, stumpy, thick fiberglass 3 dbi raydome antenna. It comes in at 725 mm high, it sits perfect with the Vogue Industries the mirror bracket.

The Uniden AT970BKS is built well. Has a large barrel sprig to be able to handle rough roads and tracks. The aerial comes with 4.5 m of pre-terminated coax cable, so it is simple to install. Best of all it just looks awesome.

The Uniden X76 UHF radio paired with the Uniden AT970BKS antenna is one of the clearest radios I have used. It has sharp crisp audio, both transmitting and receiving. The build quality is great as you would expect from a reputable company like Uniden.

If you are looking for a UHF radio definitely consider checking out the Uniden X76.

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