Quick Travel Tips: How To Make The Most Out Of Travelling

It’s hard not to take something away from your travelling experience. However, many travellers do tend to focus on the sights and the activities and skip over the fact there’s so much more on offer. Wherever you are in the world, these travel tips will guarantee you’re making the most of your travels.

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Embrace the culture

Be sure to take the time to appreciate and embrace the culture of your destination. Too often travellers ignore the culture in favour of the sights when it’s really the culture that makes the experience. Be sure to visit places of importance and practice the norms to make your visit much more authentic, even here in Australia.

Sometimes neglecting the culture or even going against it could lead to some very serious consequences. Take Thailand, for example, where their lese majeste laws mean you could face jail time for slandering or speaking anything negative of their king. Be respectful and willing to embrace the culture, instead.

Try the street food

When travelling, both here in Australia and overseas, don’t just stick to the sit-down restaurants. Street food is often the cheapest and tastiest option when it comes to dining – nearly every country in the world offers it, so treat your taste buds to something unique. From Australia’s burgers with the lot, India’s curries to Vietnam’s pho, there’s some incredible dishes to try anywhere you go.

When trying street food, opt for the stalls with the biggest crowds. It’s sometimes risky deciding upon which vendor to trust, but go with the flow and try the one everyone is raving about. From breakfast to sweet treats or even just a quick snack, street food is the way forward when travelling.

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Push yourself to the limit

There’s no better time to push yourself to the limit than when you’re travelling. Although it’s important to stay safe, there’s no harm in partaking in activities you won’t find at home; bungee jumping, white-water rafting and hiking are just some of the popular choices between travellers.

Why not hike to the summit of a mountain? It sounds like quite the feat, but some mountains you’re able to conquer in just a day – take Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, where you can get to the top before the sun goes down if you’re determined enough. Or Mt Oberon in Wilson’s Prom (Australia) that takes only 90 minutes return. Anything is possible whilst travelling if you’re willing to do it.

Budget yourself

As echoed by 1Cover, you’ll only be able to make the most of your travelling if you’ve got enough money to do so. You may not need much depending on just how willing you are to save (staying in hostels or camping is always a good idea) but it’s necessary to budget yourself in order to afford everything you want to do.

Consider a daily budget to really make sure you’re saving as much as you can. It’s one of the most responsible ways to manage your spending – be sure to account for all of the essentials, such as accommodation and travel, whilst also thinking about the extras you’ll be spending on. And, of course, watch out for those unexpected costs you may have to fork out.

Take it slow

Make sure you’re taking the time to appreciate and explore your surroundings to their full extent. This is especially important when travelling with children – they won’t be as fast-paced as you will be. Consider using a baby carrier or sling if they’re particularly young, so they won’t have to do all the walking whilst you explore!

Travelling isn’t much fun at all when you’re having to rush through the experience – so take the time to explore. See your surroundings, interact with the locals, and make the most of the trip. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What travel tips would you add the list?


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