Top Tips for Visiting The Snow

Are you planning a family snow trip? Make it one to remember – for the RIGHT reasons. Our tips for visiting the snow will have your family walking in a winter wonderland!

Top Tips for Visiting The Snow!

It’s the stuff that dreams are made of! Gorgeous, fluffy snow. Effortless skiing down slopes. Wide smiles, rosy cheeks, wet pants…

Wet pants?

If this is your first time visiting the snow, particularly if it involves snow for kids, there’s a little preparation you need to do. This could mean the difference between a dream run and a cold-bum nightmare. Check out our snow essentials…

tips for visiting the snow with kids ski resort

What to take to the snow for babies and kids

Let’s start with the little people first. (Have you ever noticed the incredible amount of STUFF you need to take for tiny people? Is that just me? Sheesh!)

When we’re talking tips for visiting the snow, what we really mean is “How can we have the MOST fun with the LEAST potential for drama?”. When it comes to the littlest members of your family that means quite a few snow essentials.

Packing list for babies and kids:

Sunscreen – It’s possible to get BADLY burnt at the snow and many people make the mistake of assuming that cold indicates a lower UV exposure risk. This is not true.

Nappies, nappy changing necessities, toilet training items.

Food and drink – Make up a small esky, pack snacks into water proof containers inside backpacks, wear water bottles on lanyards. The excitement, the changed temperature and the weather exposure will make kids VERY hungry and thirsty so be prepared.

Entertainment – Toys, books, colouring in, screens. Whatever’s your go to – bring it! There’ll be times when the children will need to be directed towards other indoor activities.

First aid kit – We would classify a first aid kid, and basic knowledge of first aid, as a snow essential.

Camera/Phone – Your kids are going to do some CUTE stuff. Make sure you capture it! You might not get much service but you’ll get the opportunity to take some amazing shots.

family at ski resort playing toboggan

Tips for visiting the snow: Clothing!

• Make sure everyone has appropriate sun coverage and protection. This includes sunglasses! Aim for 100% UV protection (UV400).

• Take more beanies than you would think you’d need, as well. Beanies go missing, they get wet and they get sweaty.

• Boots, covered shoes and lots of thick pairs of socks as well as ‘everyday’ socks.

• Thermals! Shop around and see if you can find underwear, undershirts, leggings and socks. A great set of thermals will ultimately mean that you don’t have to dress so bulkily that you resemble the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

Tips for visiting the snow: Accommodation!

If you’re planning on staying at the snow you should ask the following questions when booking your accommodation.

• Is our accommodation self-contained (can we cook) or do we have to eat out for every meal?
• Is there Wi-Fi access or will we have no signal?
• If travelling with kids – is there much distance between the ski run and the room? How will you factor naps and rest time into the equation?

Tips for visiting the snow: The gear!

If you’re a snow noob, hiring your gear from the ski centre is definitely the best way to go. You could also borrow from friends or family members. Splashing big amounts of cash when you’ve never experienced the snow before could be a costly mistake.

Top Tips for Visiting The Snow | ski equipment hire Australia

Tips for visiting the snow: Get amongst it!

Book ski lessons. Participate in snowman building competitions. Join the other snow goers at the lodge for a hot chocolate and a game of trivia in the evening. Making the most of the ‘we’re all in this together’ community spirit that comes along with a snow trip could be a genius move!

Tips for the snow: Get out of it!

Huh? Yes! Having activity-filled days makes snow for kids (and for couples) seriously fun but it can all blur into one if that’s all your doing. See if you can break up your snowball-fun-times with other activities in the same area. Even if it’s just a cheeky movie night, doing something different will add that little slice of variety into your trip to make it all the more enjoyable.

Snow essentials!

Please share your experiences with all our first time snow angels. What would be your NUMBER ONE recommendation for preparing for a family snow trip?



TOP TIPS for visiting the snow with kids

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  1. 10/07/2017 / 12:27 pm

    Great tips! We used to go skiing every year when I was a kid. I guess I wasn’t the one who had to think of all these things though!

  2. 10/07/2017 / 5:34 pm

    I think my tip would be to have a snowball fight!

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