10 Things to do in The Blue Mountains!

Why travel anywhere else when the best is on your doorstep already? Here are our top ten pick of the best things to do in The Blue Mountains!

Blue Mountains Attractions

This is some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. There are incredible natural wonders en masse in this gorgeous region. Conservation and environmental efforts are being made to protect this glorious, ancient beauty so if you’re travelling to any of these areas be conscious of:

• What you leave behind
• What you take with you (memories and photos only!)
• How you treat the natural landscape
• The example you set for your children and for others

View looking at Three Sisters in Blue Mountains

Three Sisters

Journey to the clifftop platform to gasp in awe at the unbelievable view of sandstone peaks weathered by erosion, time and ancient Aboriginal Dreamtime magic.

There are a variety of walks to the peak that can take between 20 minutes to 5 hours – depending on grading and how much time you’ve got up your sleeves. If you’re planning on hiking, make sure you check our list of absolute hiking essentials to make your journey memorable (for the right reasons!).

Blue Mountains National park

Your journey to visit the spectacular Three Sisters will take you through Blue Mountains National Park – arguably one of the most breath-taking natural parks on the continent.

This vast area takes in the Echo Point lookout, Jamison Valley and the Giant Stairway. A must see for any nature lover.

Govetts Leap

Govetts Leap offers stunning views, particularly at first light, as the reward for the short trek that leads you from the easily accessible parking lights to the jaw-dropping sights below.

You can walk through the hanging gardens and under the waterfall – a chance to make the kind of memories you’ll simply never forget.

Things to do in the Blue Mountains | beautiful view

National Pass

You make a start at the Wentworth Falls picnic area (we’ll talk more about that in a bit!) and wind through one of the most EPIC journeys you’ll ever take. The breath-taking drop into the ancient ravines that lay below is both incredibly moving and incredibly humbling. Get ready for quiet contemplation about your place in the scheme of things.

We’d recommend this track, that leads to the Giant Stairway, for families and individuals capable of going the distance. It’s beautiful but could be considered relentless.

Katoomba Scenic World

If hiking’s not your bag but you still want to take in all of these natural sights, including the Giant Stairway, then consider a trip to Katoomba Scienic World.

Here you’ll find access to the:
• Scenic Skyway
• Scenic Cableway
• Scenic Walkway
• Scenic Railway

As well as an amazing insight into local and traditional art works and sculptures.

Katoomba Scenic World offers the chance for you to experience all of these great things to do in the Blue Mountains from a safe, comfortable, 360 degree view position. You’ll be lost for words.

Where is Katoomba Scenic World? Head to Violent St and Cliff Drive, Katoomba, or call ahead on (02) 4780 0200. They’re open 9am-5pm every day.

Wentworth Falls | National Pass - blue mountains things to do

Wentworth Falls

The Jamison Creek, which has shaped much of the beautiful landscape in the surrounds, feeds the Wentworth Falls. You can access them via the National Pass Trail and the Overcliff Walk.

The falls themselves are a three-tiered structure (postcard perfect, if you will) that’s around 190 metres tall. There has been evidence found nearby of ‘grinding grooves’ that indicate very early human habitation in this area.

There is a picnic area, parking and the trails are either easy or challenging (depending on what you’re feeling up to!).

Be cautious – there have been a few cases of injury resulting in death in this area when tourists have become a little bit too confident near the falls and have under-estimated their power.

To access Wentworth Falls, go to False Road. Be warned that the area becomes dark quite quickly so generally you’ll want to finish up by around 4:30pm or so.

Blackfellows Hand Trail Drive

Something for the 4WD-mad amongst us! This is a challenging drive (depending on who’s behind the wheel!) that will lead you past a few glowworm tunnels, through some off-roading climbing rock steps and finally to a natural rock art gallery!

Maiyingu Marragu is an ancient Aboriginal art site.

As always when 4WDing, follow the signs and cautions and try to leave the area as close to how you found it as possible!

Gingerbread House Blue Mountains

Fancy some food? Incredible restaurants and cafés in the Blue Mountains

When we’re talking things to do in the Blue Mountains, we can’t forget about eating! You and your group will be hungry, particularly after the Blue Mountains attractions that you’ve been seeing.

If you’re feeling fancy, check out Darley’s Restaurant (5-19 Lillianfels Avenue, Echo Point, Katoomba). The view, the dining and the service really set this place apart.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, Bamboo Box (50 Katoomba St, Katoomba) for a great range of Asian inspired meals at an affordable price.

And something for the kids and sweet tooths, check out The Gingerbread House (56 Waratah St, Katoomba).

Blue Mountains City Art Gallery

If it’s a little culture you’re looking for, the Blue Mountains City Art Gallery is a contemporary space that’s considered to be one of Australia’s leading regional galleries.

Local artists mingle with major touring exhibits in this salute to modern architecture.

Adults entry fee is $5, concession is $3 and children (under 16) are absolutely free.

It’s at 30 Parke Street, Katoomba.

Blue Mountains tourist activities - Pulpit Rock Lookout


Spend some time just exploring the local areas. There are more lookouts and amazing views than you can point your camera at without having to venture too far!

Some of our favourites include: Pulpit Rock, Sublime Point, Jamison Lookout and Lincoln’s Rock.

Things to do in The Blue Mountains

It was hard to cap this list at 10! The Blue Mountains region is impressive in both its natural beauty and in the heroic efforts that have been made to conserve it.

It truly is a gift to the region that you MUST get out and see for yourself! You won’t regret it!


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