Things To Do Between Sydney and Melbourne

There’s a 12-13 hour trip in the car between Sydney and Melbourne. This could be time spent gazing moodily out the window, listening to music and trying to make time go as quickly as possible by only stopping to use the bathroom.

Doesn’t sound like a good use of holiday days, does it? Arriving at your destination cranky, stinky and hassled only to start off your long-awaited break on a negative note. No thanks.

4wd on Fraser Island beach

Instead of grimy toilets and squashed sandwiches in the car, why not peruse this list of great things to do between Sydney and Melbourne? Sure, they’ll make the drive longer – but is life truly about the destination or the journey?

Make memories on your Sydney to Melbourne drive. Check these out.

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Things To Do Between Sydney and Melbourne | Kiama Blowhole, Kiama

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons – Kiama Blowhole, Kiama

Kiama Blowhole, Kiama

Nature really puts on a show in Kiama. This natural blowhole is the result of waves forcing their way through the narrow sea cavern and exploding up into the air. Prepare to get a little wet as the water comes crashing back to earth. This is a wonderous sight and, under the right conditions, very romantic.

Things To Do Between Sydney and Melbourne | Fitzroy Falls, Moreton National Park

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons | Fitzroy Falls

Moreton National Park and Fitzroy Falls

A truly majestic part of the world! Fitzroy Falls displays the kind of natural beauty that will make even the most seasoned traveller gasp. When it comes to a Melbourne to Sydney drive, places to stop must include natural wonders like this. Cascading falls, gorgeous forest and the ultimate opportunity to take some amazing (hopefully) amateur photos. Bliss.

Things To Do Between Sydney and Melbourne | Blue Pool, Bermagui

Photo Credit: Peter Boer

Blue Pool, Bermagui

Fancy a dip as you tour the things to do between Sydney and Melbourne? A stop at beautiful coastal Bermagui will lead you to the Blue Pool. At any time of year (okay, maybe not the DEAD of winter) you’re good for a splash in this amazing pool that’s on the water’s edge yet completely secure. Best pool views in the business and all for free!

view from Sea Cliff Bridge, Clifton NSW

Sea Cliff Bridge

Follow the Grand Pacific Drive for this little beauty that you can drive or walk across (but do yourself a favour and get out and have a look around). Of all the things to do from Sydney to Melbourne this is DEFINITELY up there with the best of them!

Scenic Drive – Sapphire Coast

Turn the radio up and let yourself wind around through the beautiful seaside towns of this region. Take in Merimbula, Bermagui (where that beautiful Blue Pool is!), Tathra and the Mimosa Rocks National Park. There are lots of walking tracks and picnic spots around here, not to mention spectacular views.

Wilson’s Promontory National Park beach hike

Wilson’s Promontory

This is the southernmost tip of the mainland and it’s absolutely divine. If you head to the lookout at Promontory Light Station you can see views across the Bass Straight. There are a variety of bushwalks available for different levels of ability and stamina and the national park is a sight to be seen. It can be QUITE cold here so rug up! Camping’s an option if you want to stay overnight and there are a wide range of hotels and Air BnBs available as well.

Things To Do Between Sydney and Melbourne | The Big Merino

Image credit: Corrie Barklimore

The Big Merino

What kind of a roadtrip is it without a visit to one of Australia’s famous BIG things? The Big Merino is, hilariously, anatomically correct which could make for some hilarious Sydney to Melbourne road trip selfies. This good lookin’ sheep is about four stories tall and can’t be missed. Set your GPS for ‘Big Merino’ for a road trip adventure to be remembered!

Find out more about The Big Merino of Goulburn here.

Things To Do Between Sydney and Melbourne | HMAS Otway Submarine, Holbrook

Image credit: aussiejeff

HMAS Otway Submarine, Holbrook

Periscope down! The town of Tarcutta is about halfway between Sydney and Melbourne if you’re looking to stretch your legs. It’s a simple little town with an interesting story and a heritage and antique look to the main street. It’s also got a romantic yet informative hologram show??? Yes please!

MAMA, Albury

Looking for cultural things to do between Sydney and Melbourne? Albury is home to MAMA (Murray Art Museum Albury) – a creative hub that was saved from bureaucratic cobwebs by the local community. There are activities and exhibitions here that are sure to delight families, couples, singles and art snobs alike! There’s a great place for lunch attached that might see you needing a cheeky snooze before you hit the road again.

Fowles Winery, Avenel

It wouldn’t be a list about destinations in this region without including a winery, would it? Fowles Winery is about an hour and a half outside of Melbourne and overlooks the Strathbogie Ranges. This is a wonderful place to eat (and drink) and if you’re a member of RACV you get a 15% discount!

In Defence Of Taking It Slow

Holidays are taken to escape the rat race. To slow down, unwind and adapt a leisurely pace in order to give yourself a break from the stresses of everyday life.

It stands to reason, then, that even destination trips can be broken up into smaller pieces to make the trip itself part of the holiday. There is no need to rush through life like a bull at a gate. Slow down, open the windows and take it all in. You’ll uncover some well-kept secrets, take in beautiful views far away from the maddening crowds and make the kinds of memories that will last a lifetime.

The things to do between Sydney and Melbourne are only one of many great trips like it around Australia. There are a number of great things to do between Brisbane and Sydney that you’ve probably not heard of before!

Brisbane city sunset QLD

Got any great ‘journey’ road trips you’d like to let us in on? Where should we go? Give us your ideas in the comments!


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