Steinbauer Power Module Update

It’s been 6 months and 20,000 km’s since we increased our Toyota Fortuner’s power and torque. It is time for an update on how our Steinbauer power module has been performing.

Steinbauer claims their power module would give a 20% increase in power and torque, this it definitely delivered. Even after 6 months, we can still feel the improvement every time we get behind the wheel.

Driveability. Towing. Fuel consumption

It’s not all about big power and torque figures though. For us, it was all about driveability.
Since installing the power module it feels as though you are driving something quick and nimble, not a big clunky 4wd.

Towing was a main driving factor behind chasing a performance upgrade for our Fortuner, and it hasn’t disappointed. So how does it tow? With our camper trailer on the back, it moves along so much easier. For the most part, the hills that found us changing back down to 4th in the past, we can now take in 5th easily. Unfortunately, 6th is just too overdriven for any incline. I have come to accept the gearing isn’t perfect for our set up.

When it comes to fuel economy, we haven’t noticed much difference. Our Fortuner still averages 11 litres normal driving, 12.5 litres with the swags on the roof and 16 litres with the camper trailer on the back. All of these figures were similar before installing the power module. If there is a decrease, it is minimal. With all the extra torque and power it didn’t increase so we will take that as a win.

The main thing I am certain everyone is interested in is the reliability. In the past 6 months, we haven’t taken it easy on our little 2.8L diesel at all. And we have had absolutely no issues with our Steinbauer power module, or the reliability of our Fortuner. Everything performs and works the way it should… and flawlessly.

Toyota Fortuner with Steinbauer power module, crossing river 9 Mile Beach, Byfield National park Queensland

Steinbauer power module – is it worth getting?

Every time I’m behind the wheel I’m still smiling. So my opinion is yes, absolutely.
The Steinbauer power module won’t save you thousands on fuel but it will definitely improve the driveability of your 4wd. If nothing else, that alone will make you happy.


Disclosure: We are Steinbauer Performance ambassadors.
However, all opinions are our own.

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  1. Malcolm Draycott
    15/06/2018 / 9:00 am

    Read your post with interest as looking at the same module for my new Prado just to improve things when towing. After another few months, do you still recommend??

    • 22/07/2018 / 9:53 pm

      Hi Malcom, Yes we do still recommend the Steinbauer module. We ended up cooking the factory clutch, but 560NM will do that. Other than that it still performs flawlessly and puts a smile on my face every time i’m behind the wheel.
      Cheers, Caleb.

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