Stedi Type-X PRO Review – LED Driving Lights

After running Stedi LED light bars for years we decided it was time for a change. I’ll be honest it has been a while since I have given lighting any serious thought. The first thing I realised when I started looking at options is there’s a lot of round LED lights around, and I mean a hell of a lot.

It’s pretty easy to eliminate a heap of these round LED lights straight away. I mean a price tag that’s double everyone else will do that, especially when it doesn’t do anything better than any others! And then there is the complete other end of the market sub $200 a set, even my old rig is worth nicer lights. (Not to say these are terrible options, they’re just not for me). It was time to update to the timeless classic, a set of round spotties on the bull bar for our Fortuner. But which ones?

Well, the best 4wd spotlights available. Obviously, Stedi Type X pro LED driving lights were going to win.

Stedi Type X Pro, Toyota Fortuner Catherine Hill Bay Beach

Why use Stedi & Type-X PRO?

It’s no secret that I love Stedi lights, after all, I have been using Stedi before they got huge in the 4wd aftermarket scene. You can check out our other Stedi light reviews here. Stedi have great quality products that just keep getting better and better and are what I consider the best value lights available. It’s a no brainer. On top of that, you won’t find a company easier to deal with than Stedi.

What makes the Stedi Type-X PRO the best? Firstly they are a great looking light, with interchangeable colour rings for your own touch of style. The mounting brackets are a work of art in their own right, formed alloy and stainless plates with Stedi logo laser cut they just add something unique to the whole package.

Stedi Type X Pro review, Toyota Fortuner driving through mud Catherine Hill Bay

The size is perfect – on a large 4wd like a LandCruiser they are right at home yet they don’t look out of place on a smaller rig like our Fortuner. The Type-X PRO are 215mm round or 8.5” if you prefer. With a mounting depth of 109 mm they fit on the majority of modern bull bars easily.

The important part, how do they perform? The light is so bright it’s like being punched in the face. The Type-X PRO delivers a crisp white light at a colour temp of 5700 kelvin and yet it’s still easy on the eyes. Each light has a spot (31 LED’s) / spread (6 LED’s) combo from the Olson high flux LED’s (incredibly bright). They are good for over a kilometre in distance, I know they definitely shine further down the road than what my eyes can focus on.

Stedi Type X Pro review, Toyota Fortuner lighting up Newcastle from the Watagans National Park

Best of all everything you need to install them is in the box! This is almost unheard of with 4wd lights. In the box, you get the lights with all mounting hardware, black protective covers and a wiring harness. The wiring harness is plug and play with H4 and HB3 connectors supplied (most modern headlights) and it’s all quality thick gauge wire. Stedi also has a heap of vehicle-specific switches available if you’d rather a factory look.

Stedi Type-X PRO Fast facts

  • The packaging of the Stedi Type-X PROs is second to none. It is the classiest box I have ever seen, you almost don’t realise there are spotlights in there.
  • The quality of the lights is much the same, unreal! Strong yet light alloy, with the coolest brackets I’ve seen. IP68 submersible up to 3m.
  • Size – 8.5” light, 215 mm diameter with a mounting depth of 109 mm.
  • Distance – 1155m of light from spot spread combo with a 5700 kelvin colour.
  • Everything you need to install is in the box.
  • Interchangeable colour rings to give your own personalised style.
  • Protective covers included.

Final thoughts

We have no regrets after changing our light set up to Type-X PRO driving lights. The quality of light and extra distance is amazing. Flick the ST3K 41.5” roof light on as well and it’s the perfect set up. Unreal distance from the spotlights and a heap of up close and spread light from the light bar.

If you are after a great value set of bright and reliable lights from an Australian company that’s easy to deal with, you’d be hard pushed to find better than the Stedi Type-X PRO LED driving lights.

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HGT was gifted the Stedi Type-X PRO driving lights for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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