STEDI Light Bar Review – ST4K LED

After market lighting is essential when it comes to building your ultimate 4wd tourer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cheap imports will suffice.

Regardless whether you are just driving to and from work or heading out to explore, good quality 4×4 lights are essential. Recently we have been putting a STEDI ST4K LED light bar to the test; read below to see if it stands up to our expectations!

Toyota Fortuner off road at night with Stedi LED Light bars on | Stedi light bar review

LED lights for 4×4

4×4 lighting has come a long way from the humble halogen spotlight; welcome to the era of LED light bars.

LED lights are now an affordable option for aftermarket lighting. The first thing you will notice about LED lights is that they are now more versatile than ever and are constantly improving. Traditionally spotlights were large, round and bulky, however today there is a shape and size for every mounting position you could possibly imagine.

STEDI light bar review – ST4K LED 

The STEDI LED light bar has definitely surprised me, to say we are impressed would be an understatement. The crystal white light is instantaneous and the amount of light it puts out is amazing. It’s bright, crisp and easily reaches 500m+ down the road with a good spread to the sides. We have avoided hitting numerous wildlife since having the STEDI ST4K 28″ double row light bar installed.

There are a few standout features of the STEDI ST4K light bars that make them a popular choice for 4×4 owners. These include:

  • Quality – This STEDI light bar has a cast aluminum housing that is powder coated using a UV coating. This prevents it from fading or go bronze, we’re looking at you eBay special! Structurally they are solid and built to last, this even includes the lens which is made from 3mm unbreakable lexan.
  • Design – While being tough, it has a sleek housing for a double row light bar. Measuring at only 73mm deep x 86mm high x length of your choosing.
  • Technology – ST4K LED light bars use STEDI’s Pure Drive circuitry, which directs 97% of the input power straight to the LED’s. What does that mean? It’s so bright it’ll burn your retinas!
  • Affordability – This STEDI LED light bar is an affordable option that gives you bang for your buck! You will be hard pushed finding a light for $220.00 that offers the same quality and performance.

Toyota Fortuner touring -Stedi LED Light bars

As you can see from our STEDI light bar review, aftermarket lighting does not have to be expensive to be great quality. However you don’t want to go too cheap either and risk buying an inferior light bar. If you intend on travelling Australia, getting out on the weekend or would like better night vision, check out the extensive range STEDI has to offer.

What form of aftermarket lighting do you use? Tell us below! 

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