Want to Stay Healthy While Travelling? Here’s How!

Travelling is the spice of life – but does that mean you need to pay the price for all those spices once you’re back home? So many of us overindulge on holidays that it’s almost become an expectation that you’ll either stack on weight or completely lose your fitness.

But is it possible to stay healthy while travelling? Short answer – yes! Below you’ll find a number of tips that will keep you on the straight and narrow while not sacrificing a minute of fun holiday time.

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How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Looking for advice? Healthy travels await!

Make Fitness a Priority

You need to promise yourself that you’ll get active for at least a half hour, preferably an hour, per day during your trip. That might sound like a stretch but this is an amount of exercise that can be accommodated into almost any type of holiday.

A brisk walk that takes in the picturesque surrounds, a bush walk or a swim is an easy way to get your exercise in. Yoga in the hotel room, climbing trees with the kids, runs on the beach (a lot harder than they looked in Baywatch!) are all easy, cost-free ways to get those steps up and keep that holiday bulge at bay. Listen to some music, pop on a podcast or even do some (very fast) window shopping and that time will fly by!

Look for Incidental Exercise Whenever Possible

Holidays can make us lazy and they can find us short-cutting the healthy habits that we foster at home.

Look for everyday ways that you can find moments of exercise. The lift back up to the apartment could be replaced by climbing some flights of stairs. Walk further for that beautiful beach spot rather than squishing in with everyone else at the beach entrance. Carry the bags of shopping you’ve just raced to the corner store to grab when you noticed that your stocks were dwindling. Look for ways and means to sneak in little extra moments of exercise and try to cut down on couch slouch (while still leaving time to relax, of course!).

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits to Make My Trip Good!

Holidays can do damage to our sense of portion control. You might find yourself going back (and back again) for seconds (or thirds!).

There is lots of information about portion control online. A great rule of thumb is that your eyes are bigger than your stomach – you probably AREN’T hungry enough to require that huge corner piece of lasagne followed up with a bowl of ice cream. Holidays give us the cue to relax but that probably shouldn’t mean you need to relax your belt size by a couple of slots by the time you get home!

Fresh fruit, vegetables, decent serves of protein – all are key ingredients to give you energy for your holiday adventures. Be cautious of the over-loading and over-snacking and make sensible choices when it comes to drink – water over sugary or energy drinks.

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Use Technology to Keep Track of Your Fitness Goals

Fit Bits and the like are great ways to stay motivated with fitness while on holiday. Tracking your exercise, setting goals and keeping pace with your fitness dreams from home whilst on holidays can be a great way to get ahead. Better yet – imagine the sights you’ll take in while you’re working on getting up to your 10,000 steps!

Challenge yourself to take one BEAUTIFUL photo per day on your holiday – see ours here on Instagram. Upload to your personal account or share on social media. The fun will be in GETTING to the spot where you’ll have to take that winning shot from each day. You’re going to have a boring album if it’s just all views from your balcony or out the entrance of your tent!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep for Happy Travels

A crucial part of maintaining your health during holidays is to try and get a good night’s sleep. This can be difficult, particularly while travelling with kids, but it’s achievable. A solid night’s sleep can be the difference between being motivated to get up and go or choosing to hang around at the unit or campground the following day. It means the difference between being tired behind the wheel and being alert.

If you’re having difficulties getting a solid sleep overnight, see if you can institute an afternoon nap policy (for the whole family, preferably!). It’s important to get your rest.

Be Mindful of “Holiday Naughtiness” – Think Moderation!

Finally – beware the over-indulger! If you don’t go to town on the red wine and chocolate at home, why would you start while on holidays? If you truly want to stay healthy while on holidays make sure you have a quiet word with the cheese and cracker platter!

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Being Healthy on Holidays

Have you got any tips for staying healthy while on holidays that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for accommodation recommendations? Right this way, healthy traveller!


Staying healthy when travelling isn't as hard as you think. CLICK HERE to see how! #health #fitness #travel #exercise #family

It is possible to stay healthy while travelling – CLICK HERE to see how! #health #fitness #travel #exercise #family

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