Rola TITAN Tray Review

For the past few months we have been putting a Rola TITAN Tray through its paces. As you would expect from us and our endless 4wd day trips and camping adventures, the TITAN Tray has been subjected to a fair amount of use. The flat tray has done it all with no issue, making it the perfect new accessory for our Toyota Fortuner.

Rola TITAN Tray review | Rola roof rack with TRED recovery boards at beach

Rola TITAN Tray review – pros and cons

What makes a good roof rack? Is it looks, how it sits, the weight vs strength? Or its ability to adapt to suit all the gear you need to carry? A good roof rack should be light yet strong and sit nicely with the lines of your car. In addition to being able to secure accessories and all the gear that you need to carry. Since we have had the Rola roof rack, we have noticed quite a few things, big and small, that are worth mentioning in our Rola TITAN Tray review. They include:

What we love about the TITAN Tray

    • Its easy to put together and install – anyone with basic hand tools will be able to do it. It took us around 30 minutes in total.
    • Strong and sturdy – with all the pieces of the Rola tray having some form of channel or internal bracing, it is very sturdy and well put together.
    • Load – the Rola TITAN Tray can hold a static load of 300 kgs (moving load is vehicle specific).
    • Longevity – once bolted to the roof it is very rigid and feels like it is built to last.
    • Lightweight – the whole tray is lightweight, meaning there is plenty of load capacity left for carrying gear.

Rola Titan Tray on a Toyota Fortuner. Loaded with camping gear and 4wd gear

    • Mounting – the TITAN Tray has mounting channels everywhere! You’ll find them down the center of every bar, on the tops and sides of every outside rail. Giving you every possible place to be able to mount an accessory on secure a load. Check out Rola for all the options.
    • Accessories galore – the TITAN Tray has more accessories than you can point a stick at! Side rail kits to go from a flat to enclosed tray. The mounts for jerry cans, recovery tracks and shovels are just a few of our favorites. They also have cool new ratchet straps to secure everything in place and so much more.
    • Wind noise – the noise is minimal. There is very little to no noise with a head or tail wind. The only time we notice any noise is if there is a really strong cross wind.
    • Affordability – the Rola TITAN Tray is cheaper than all the competitor flat trays and doesn’t compromise on quality.

Rola Titan Tray on a Toyota Fortuner. Loaded with fire wood

What could be better

    • Height – on the Fortuner the tray sits a little high. It’s not a deal breaker, it would just be nice to get it down closer to the roof. Obviously how it sits will depend on vehicle specific cross bars.
    • Mounting – it would be more convenient on the longer trays to be able to access the mounting channel from the center, rather than only the ends.

Overall, the Rola TITAN Tray is a great option for a touring roof tray. It offers the best of all worlds. It’s strong, light, and has heaps of accessories enabling you to set it up how you need it. And as an added bonus – it’s affordable and looks great. For more information check out the TITAN Tray.




Disclosure: We received the Rola Titan Tray for the purpose of this review. All opinions are ours.

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  1. Michael
    30/05/2018 / 4:51 pm


    Nice setup, what size tray to you get for the fortuner. Does the titan tray only fit across Rola crossbars? Looking forward to reading your other adventures.



    • 22/07/2018 / 9:59 pm

      Hi Michael, sorry for the late reply. We have the 1200 x 2000, it will fit any cross bars providing they will take a slide bolt.
      Cheers, Caleb.

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