OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag Double Super Long Review

For the past couple of months, it has become evident to many that we have been using our Black Series camper trailer a lot less. In fact, we have had several emails and Facebook messages asking us why.

Well, we have been using our OZtrail double swag (Pioneer Discovery Swag Double Super Long) for every trip so we can give it an honest and thorough review. We have travelled to three different states in the past 2 months and have camped in every kind of weather and environment. Some of these were intentional, while other weather conditions were just unfortunate timing. But we can now report on how the swag held up in each situation so let’s get on with the OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Double Super Long swag review.

OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag set up near campfire

OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag Double Super Long

Let me start by saying, I love this swag! There are no two ways about it. Here is why.


This swag is perfect for us because it fits Caleb, both our girls and myself with room to spare. We have space inside to move around, sit up, roll over and store our bags if need be.

Size dimensions are: 280cm x 145cm
Swag head height: 85cm


Even after setting up the OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag, what feels like daily for the past couple of months as we travel, I am amazed at how incredibly quick and easy it is to setup and pack away.

I can roll out and set up the fully freestanding OZtrail double swag on my own in no more than 10 minutes and pack up is the same. The simplicity of the quick setup poles down the centre makes it easy work. Insert and expand the poles and then push the latch down and you’re almost there. Set up your guide ropes if you want them and then pull up a chair and crack a cold one.   

Packing away is just as easy and rolling the double swag up is doable with one person. You can definitely get it tighter with two people but it can absolutely be done with ease if you are travelling solo.

The OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag comes with a lightweight canvas bag but because we throw ours on the roof racks we opted for a heavy duty waterproof bag. It is perfect for what we need because it keeps the dust and water out.

space inside OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag

This is the space at the end of mattress where the 2 and 4 year old sleep.


Mattress: As mentioned above, the OZtrail double swag is huge. It comes with a 6cm high-density open-cell foam queen-size mattress which is great, but this doesn’t cover the length of the swag. Like everything though there are two ways to look at it.

1. It’s great because there is enough room for two people to comfortably sleep on it and heaps of room spare for your gear.

2. In cases when you want to put kids at the end, you have to bring additional bedding options. We use a padded kindy swag blanket and it works well.

man packing up OZtrail double swag

Windows: There is plenty of ventilation through the swag. With two large windows on the sides, a smaller mesh window at the foot and head end access.

You can have both canvas window flaps zipped shut, one canvas zipped and one with just the mesh screen or have both canvas windows open. Depending on the weather we have used a combination of these options. When both of the canvas sides are zipped shut, it holds up to rain and keeps us dry. It also blocks out all light which is great if you want to sleep through the sun.

When using only the mesh screens, they have kept us free of mosquitos and flies and allows a nice breeze to flow through. I loved using just the screen when we camped at the beach because we could hear the waves crashing all night and watch the stars.

Storage: Inside there are a few of places you can secure a light or torch if you want to and there are pockets on either side of the swag for your phone, keys and other small items.

There is a pole storage pocket which makes access to them easy and organised.

OZtrail swag zips

Zips: The zips run smoothly and have heavy duty rope toggles which make opening and closing the swag so much easier. It is little things like this that make a difference.

Floor: The floor is high density puncture-resistant 520gsm PVC vinyl. The base also has high sides which is a great buffer if there has been a bit of rain. If you are worried about keeping dirt out of the swag, there is an integrated boot mat.


Like any seasoned camper, when we first got the swag we set it up to weather the canvas. To our surprise, it was pre-weathered. The water beaded off immediately. This was again confirmed when we woke up to it pouring rain while camping and not a drop of water got inside.

The 400gsm SatProof canvas is thick and great quality. It has been put to the test in the Queensland heat, the Victorian cold, dirt, beach and even national parks. Not once has it let us down.

OZtrail double swag set up

We have found the OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag to be convenient, practical and a game changer for long trips. Our boys have cheap single swags and we plan to upgrade them to a standard double OZtrail swag now that we know how quick, easy and high quality they are.

I hope this review has answered any questions you may have. It’s time to throw the OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag on the roof racks and hit the road.

Disclosure: We received an OZtrail Pioneer Discovery Swag for the purpose of this review. 
All opinions are our own.

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  1. 16/12/2017 / 11:10 am

    We have been using our tent a lot more than our camper trailer lately. It is quick and easy to put up and great for a 1 or 2 night stay. The swag sounds great, I have not used one since my B & S days!

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