OZtrail Nullarbor Sleeping Bag Review

Forget uncomfortable camping. The best experiences of spending a night in the bush come when you are comfortable.

How? Having the right camping gear makes all the difference.

OZtrail Nullabor sleeping bag, Barrington Tops Camp fire

Camping gear – OZtrail Nullarbor Sleeping Bag

We recently decided it was time to get a good quality sleeping bag to go with our swag and because we use OZtrail a lot, we chose to try the OZtrail Nullarbor sleeping bag. This was the best option for us as the double sleeping bag fits perfectly in our swag and as a bonus, it adds a little more padding to the swag.

The OZtrail Nullarbor sleeping bag has a cotton outer and is flannelette lined. It is stuffed with ExoTherm hollow fibre and rated to temperatures as low as -5. After testing it in the frost of the Barrington Tops I can vouch it is warm enough.

OZtrail Nullabor sleeping bag, Barrington Tops Camping

The quilted fabric of the sleeping bag means there is no movement of the filling. The filling also makes for a padded (almost mattress topper feel) to the swag mattress making for an awesome night’s sleep. There is plenty of room in the sleeping bag to comfortably share. If you’re not a fan of sharing you can also zip it in to two separate sleeping bags. But if you get this whole bad boy to yourself it is the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have in a sleeping bag.

Of course, the downside to something so padded will always be the size. The OZtrail Nullarbor sleeping bag is no exception to this. It is definitely on the plus size side. But it’s hard not to love the Nullarbor, after all she’s as cuddly as they come. The sheer size is managed as well as can be and on the sleeping bag itself, it has two snap buckles with adjustable straps. You can roll it up and compress it pretty well considering the size.

The carry bag has a wide top opening along the side so it’s easy to get back in. It is secured by a drawstring and another adjustable snap buckle. It’s sufficient to fit the bag and two included pillows. That’s right it comes with two pillows, they are pretty good considering I am fussy when it comes to a pillow.

OZtrail Nullabor sleeping bag, swag and Barrington Tops camping


  • Flanno lined, warm and comfy like a hug
  • Padded to the point it’s like a mattress topper
  • Big enough to share and versatile if you don’t want to
  • Has clip buckles to hold it rolled up & big storage bag that’s easy to get it back in
  • It comes with two pillows built the same (one side cotton the other Flanno)


  • It’s a little bulky.

OZtrail Nullabor sleeping bag, McBrides Beach

One thing I have recently realised is an awesome swag is only half of the battle; sleeping bags make all the difference to a good night especially when it gets cold.

Since having shared the OZtrail Nullarbor hooded double sleeping bag with the girls in the frost of the Barrington tops and having it all to myself on the farm, I can honestly say it is a great sleeping bag to leave in the double swag. It is warm, comfortable & big enough to share if you have to.

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