OZtrail Fiesta Gazebo Review – Is It Right For Me?

When the market is flooded with gazebo options it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you and your needs.

We searched the camping and adventure stores for months trying to decide which gazebo would be best suited to what we wanted and we kept leaving confused and disappointed. We spent what seemed like forever feeling gazebo fabrics and judging quality of each brand, until we decided on an OZtrail Fiesta gazebo.

Family day at the beach OZtrail Fiesta gazebo

Why we chose the OZtrail Fiesta gazebo

We have previously spoken on the blog about streamlining our camper trailer setup and a gazebo with walls was crucial to making that happen. When we were looking for a camping gazebo we had initially discounted the OZtrail Fiesta almost immediately, however we were wrong to do so. Now that we have used the 3×3 gazebo a few times we wanted to share our thoughts.


Lightweight – Weighing only 17.5kg it is easy for even the smallest person to carry, even our kids can move it.
Compact – This is the main reason we opted for this OZtrail gazebo. We wanted to be able to replace our camper trailer annex with a gazebo and still store it within the trailer drawer. Measuring at 120 x 22 x 22cm, the Fiesta offered a full size gazebo at the compact size we needed and we still had room to spare.
Height adjustment – The height can be easily altered with push button adjustment to three different heights which makes it handy in different weather, sun positions and locations.
Sturdy – When the gazebo is pegged down it is no less sturdy than more expensive gazebos we have used in the past.
Frame – The frame offers roof ridge supports that help to improve water run off.
Quick set up – It is quick to set up, taking no more 2 minutes.
Walls – OZtrail gazebo walls are available as an additional purchase but are great quality. They really make a difference in providing privacy and shelter from the conditions.
Quality – Strong, stands up to the task and feels like it will last.


Frame – The frame is not as thick as OZtrails’ deluxe variations however in saying that, the frame is not poor quality. It is strong.
Cross frame – If you intend on hanging a camping light from the centre of your gazebo, there is no cross frame so you will need to get creative.

Black Series camper trailer setup with OZtrail Fiesta gazebo

OZtrail Fiesta gazebo specs

1. Canopy size: 3×3 m
2. Stored size: 120 x 22 x 22 cm
3. Weighs: 17.5kg
4. Height: 3 x adjustments: 171cm, 181cm or 191cm head clearance with a maximum height of 284cm.
5. Comes with: guide ropes, pegs and an easy carry bag with wheels.
6. Fabric: Silver Coated UVtex® 2000 Sun Tough canopy fabric, 300 Denier fabric thickness with a waterproof barrier.

On our first use we dubbed the OZtrail Fiesta gazebo the underdog however this would not be fair to say. It stands up to the best of them and as a result we are far from disappointed. This OZtrail gazebo has proven itself on camping trips, days at the beach and adventure trips in the bush.

If you are weighing up your gazebo options like we were and don’t want to spend a small fortune, the OZtrail Fiesta gazebo could be just what you are looking for!

What do you look for in an adventure or camping gazebo?

Disclaimer: We received an OZtrail Fiesta gazebo for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are our own.

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