OZtrail Deluxe Double Bunk Bed – Camping Stretcher Review

Camping with four kids in a camper trailer can get pretty crowded. Self-inflating air mattresses have been our go-to since we started camping but as the kids grow we need something that offers them their own space.

After looking at different camping stretchers and bedding options, we opted for the OZtrail Deluxe Double Bunk Bed. The kids couldn’t wait to test out their new stretcher beds!

OZtrail stretcher bunk beds

OZtrail stretcher bed review

There are a few reasons we chose this stretcher bed over others. One of those reasons being that OZtrail products have never failed us in the past. We trust the quality and longevity of their camping accessories.


The OZtrail deluxe double bunk bed can be used as two single stretchers or stacked as one bunk bed. The sleeping area is large enough for an adult to sleep comfortably and has a weight rating of 100kg (top bunk when stacked) or 120kg (as a single stretcher bed)

Size dimensions are: 180 x 72 x 85 cm
Bed height: 28 cm (single bunk)

OZtrail camping stretcher beds packed away

Set up / pack away

Setting up these bunks is quick and easy. Everything just clicks and velcros into place. Assemble each stretcher, add the support braces underneath and attach the safety rails for the top bunk. If using the stretcher beds as a bunk you can then stack them. It’s that easy. Setting up and packing away is doable with one person but easier with two.

Camping stretchers pack away into its own carry bag.

Pack size: 63 x 45 x 20 cm


Fabric: Hard wearing, durable 600D Polyester

Frame: Sturdy powder coated steel frame

Buckles: 50mm buckle and webbing attachment method

Storage: On the top bunk safety rail, there is a pocket allowing you to store small items like phones, keys, torches, etc.

OZtrail stretcher beds storage

We have found the OZtrail Deluxe Double Bunk Bed to be convenient, practical and a game changer in sleeping options for the kids. They create more space in the camper trailer which makes it easier to keep tidy and the kids have a comfortable bed.

I hope this review has answered any questions you may have. If you are interested in OZtrail stretchers, you can find them here or ask any other questions in the comments below.

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HGT was gifted the OZtrail Deluxe Double Bunk Bed for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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