OZtrail Cotton canvas Mega Hooded Sleeping Bag Review

The key to an enjoyable camping experience is having good quality gear.

Having to ‘slum’ it when camping is a misconception. You can 100% spend a night in the great outdoors and still be comfortable.

OZtrail Cotton canvas mega hooded sleeping bag review Bag in swag. Newnes state forest


OZtrail Cotton canvas Mega Hooded Sleeping Bag

Having used OZtrail sleeping bags in our double swag for years, we knew when it came time for our single swag setup we couldn’t go past a good quality OZtrail sleeping bag.

The OZtrail Cotton Canvas mega hooded sleeping bag is built durable and ready for the harshest conditions. Rated for extreme temperatures of -12 degrees with the ideal comfort of -7 degrees you know you will be warm all year round.

Built for comfort

Well-built is an understatement. As the name suggests, it is a cotton canvas outer construction. The internal is a cotton flannelette lining and it’s filled with OZtrail’s ExoTherm® Xr. The ExoTherm XR is a hollow fiber fill that is specially designed to have an increased surface area to keep the warmth in. Being such an insulated bag, it also adds a ‘mattress topper’ affect to your swag. This bag is as good as a swag on its own.


The canvas outer shell is an 8.5 Oz rip stop canvas that is durable and rugged, yet soft and definitely ready to stand the tests of time. Classic brown with a green highlight means it’ll be nice and easy to keep clean.


The zip runs all the way down the side and across the bottom, if you want to unzip the foot to throw a leg out for temperature regulation – it’s possible. The zip is also eziglide to prevent snagging. It has an auto locking feature so it doesn’t work its way open throughout the night. As an added piece of mind the bag is also secured at the top of the zip with a Velcro tab to ensure you are snug and secure. The inside of the zipper is covered by draft tubes so the cool night air won’t find its way in via the zip either.


The OZtrail Cotton Canvas mega hooded sleeping bag is 100 cm wide and 235 long with the hood. With the massive size it gives you the freedom to move around and not feel like you are trapped in a prison. Best of all, you have the space to roll over and not wind yourself up in the bag, even as a bigger bloke.

Inner fabric

Inside this bag is cotton flannelette, making it warm and soft. Because it is all made from cotton, it breathes well and doesn’t stick to you.  It is just as comfy as your favourite flanno shirt.

Is a -12 sleeping bag perfect for all year round?

I am naturally a hot person that would prefer to be cold all year round. So when it came time for an all season sleeping bag I was taking a risk on getting something rated for such low temperatures. But it works for me. When it’s freezing like the Vic High Country, I have it zipped and I snuggle up in my perfect cotton canvas cacoon. When it’s warm like on the beach I use it as a doona and throw a leg out if needed.

OZtrail Cotton canvas mega hooded sleeping bag review, inside single swag


I have found I sleep with the swag side open a lot more, just soaking in the unfiltered sounds of nature and staring at the stars until I fall asleep.

Once you have been caught out with a freezing summer night in the Victorian High Country you realise there is no such thing as a sleeping bag that’s too warm.  The OZtrail Cotton Canvas mega hooded sleeping bag is my idea of the perfect all season sleeping bag.

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