OZtrail Camping Gear Reviews

Going camping doesn’t mean you have it rough it. Beginners and those who prefer a little more comfort in the great outdoors now have so many different choices when it comes to camping equipment.

Since we started camping, our preferences and set up have changed. Sometimes we like to keep it really simple with swags while other trips we’ll have the full camper trailer set up. It just depends on the duration and location we plan on camping. For example, our recent trip to Fraser Island had us set up in the camper trailer for a week and we took this opportunity to try some new products and do some OZtrail camping gear reviews.

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Fraser Island camping in a camper trailer at Cathedrals on Fraser

OZtrail camping gear

We have used OZtrail products for some time now; our double swag, camping chairs and gazebo for example. These products have been put to the test and have not disappointed in any kind of weather conditions. This is a large part in why we wanted to try more OZtrail camping gear.

OZtrail hydra duffle | OZtrail camping gear reviews

OZtrail Hydra Duffle 50L

Product details: (BPD-WPD50-E)

  • Weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 55 x 31 x 30 cm
  • Colours: Available in blue and red

We throw a lot of our gear on the roof racks when we hit the road so we need highly durable and waterproof bags to keep our clothing protected. Did the OZtrail Hydra Duffle meet our expectations? It sure did!

Even in heavy rain, our gear stayed dry and the bag remained in perfect condition. In the bush our stuff remained dust free. The fabric is tough, has heavy water resistant zippers and has both twin carry handles and a shoulder strap. Now we just need to invest in a few more to carry other gear.

OZtrail 3 seater galaxy seat on Fraser Island with family

OZtrail 3 Seater Galaxy chair

Product details: (FCB-GAL3-D)

  • Weight: 9.2kg
  • Dimensions: Folded – 92 x 35 x 35 cm | Set up – 192 x 60 x 93 cm
  • Weight rating: 110kg per seat (total 330kg)
  • Fabric: Hardwearing, durable 600D two-tone Polyester / Black mesh with double layer padded construction
  • Frame: 17.5 mm round high tensile steel with Vertical strengthening front legs for additional rigidity

The OZtrail Galaxy 3 seater chair has been a huge hit with Caleb and the kids. I prefer my individual chair when sitting around the campfire but have to say that this chair is great when you want to lay down at the beach for a lazy afternoon. Given the choice, Caleb and the kids will choose the 3 seater chair every time so it is obviously comfortable.

With no signs of wear yet, it has proved its durability against four kids, adults, the beach, the bush and being thrown on the roof. The chair also comes with 2x drink holders, 2x wine glass holders and mesh pockets on the back of the seats. We use one of the pockets to store the bag when the chair is in use. The 3 seater Galaxy Chair is very convenient for us because it means instead of bringing six camping chairs every time we travel, we only need to bring three.

OZtrail rechargeable light and fan

OZtrail Portable Rechargeable Fan and LED Light

Product details: (GCL-F12LR-D)

  • Weight: 450g
  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 12 cm
  • Light: 100 lumens
  • Fan speed: low and high speed

We used the OZtrail Rechargeable Fan and LED Light in the camper trailer above the main bed. The light was bright enough that if we needed to climb down the ladder we could see what we were doing but it wasn’t bright enough that it would wake the kids.

Depending on the setting you use, you can anywhere from 15 hours of use up to 20+ hours.

OZtrail comet campsite light review

OZtrail Comet Campsite Light

Product details: (GCL-COMU-A)

  • Pole: 3.15m collapsible fibreglass extension pole connected to 4m power cord with USB power connector
  • Light: 700 lumen aluminium LED light

The OZtrail Comet campsite light is a game changer when it comes time to cooking. We set it up in our gazebo and it gives the perfect amount of light to cook, eat dinner and tidy up.

It is very easy to set up – simply spike it into the ground, adjust the pole length as needed (we just put it into boat rack holder of trailer and it worked perfectly) and plug it into your USB port.

The only thing that would make this light better is if it had a longer power cord. While it has a 4m power cord, you lose most of that when you extend the pole. This could make it difficult to have enough cord to reach the power outlets.

camping at Chichester State Forest with swags

Camping equipment changes and evolves all the time and it can often be difficult to know what is best for you. We will continue to use all of the OZtrail camping gear we reviewed here when we camp and would recommend them to both beginner and experienced campers.

You can find the full range of OZtrail camping equipment and accessories here.

What is your must-have piece of camping gear?

HGT received the above OZtrail camping gear for the purpose of review.
All opinions are our own.

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