Modified y62 Patrol – The Build

With our new y62 Patrol ordered and a 5 month wait starting we had plenty of time to plan the build for our modified y62.

One thing I have realised over the years of modifying 4wds is you need an idea on the finished picture. If you don’t, you end up wasting money on modifications that you end up changing latter on. Of course you may have to make some exceptions along the way.

The Modified y62 Patrol Plan

When planning our modified y62 Patrol build we decided we weren’t going to sacrifice on cost. If it was expensive were just going to accept the cost. Being an expensive 4wd to start with we weren’t willing to put cheap inferior products into this build. This is not to say the most expensive options are always better.

Modified y62 Patrol - The Build - HGT Nissan Patrol

The key components

360˚ bar work. Front and rear bars, rock sliders and of course bash plates to protect all those vital bits.

Wheels and tyres. The tyres would be 35” or close to. As for wheels the most common size wheel for an y62 is an 18” x 9” +18 offset.

Suspension. No massive lift. Just a couple of inches and the right spring rate to match all the added weight.

Interior, this was easy. Simple and practical the only requirements.

The vision was simple, a tough, capable, well protected 4wd that was functional.

Modified Y62 Patrol

Wheels and tyres

Wheels and tyres make the most impact when modifying your 4wd. Then can make or brake your build. This is why it was the first thing we changed.

We went with KMC Mesa 18×9” wheels with a positive 18 offset. These are more common than I would have liked but I didn’t want to wait 12 weeks for wheels. As it turned out wheels were actually quite hard to get with the 2021 supply and demand.

35” tyres are very common on an y62, the only issue is carrying a 35” spare. Aired down and with some manipulation you can get a 35” tyre to fit underneath. With a rear bar planed in the future we decided to hold out on 35’s until we can carry it on the rear bar.

The tyres we decided to start with are Kumho MT71 in a 295/70r18. These work out around 34.3”. Being a super aggressive mud tyre they are a little noisy on road. Once the rear bar arrives we will consider 35×12.5r18 for our next set.

Bar work

All of our bar work we should have ordered when we ordered the Patrol. Most of our gear was a 3-4 month wait. I can now say the wait was worth it but at the time the wait seemed ridiculous.

Front bar

There are a heap of great bullbar options for the y62 patrol. We decided to go with an Offroad Animal Cobra bar. This was a new out bar for the y62 at the time.

I have always loved the Offroad Animal bullbars on many other makes of 4wd. they are a modern look with aggressive lines and good detail in the inserts. Also they offer heaps of clearance in the front improving approach angles.

Winch compatible and the design allows for easy access to your winch clutch and control box. The other massive selling point for me was the integrated recovery points in the mounting system. And all y62 tech works as it should.

Rock Sliders

Steel side steps just won’t do. They are not strong enough to take the weight of your 4wd. I have proven this well and truly in the past.

We went with DASH Offroad Big O Deluxe rock sliders. David Dash has definitely proven the durability of these over the years so it was an easy decision.

We opted for the deluxe version because they have front and rear kickouts, smooth tops. In my opinion they complement the y62 perfectly.

Rear Bar

One of the most common issues I had with the old Fortuner was I ripped the rear bumper off most times I went off road. This was the main reason we decided a rear bar was the right decision for the Patrol.

Raslarr is the bar of choice. The build quality of the Raslarr gear is second to none. Solid is an understatement. When you consider the cost of a tow bar vs a rear bar with integrated towbar it’s an easy decision. If you can spare the weight.

I would have liked to put a tyre swing away and a dual Jerry swing away on it but unfortunately I don’t have the room in my garage to fit with them.

Bash plates

Get some! The y62 is the most under protected 4wd I’ve seen from the factory.

We went with DASH Offroad as they were one of the only full sets available. They cover radiator, sump, transmission and transfer case. Being well and truly proven by David Dash time and time again, it just made sense.

Paint Protection

My biggest regret with all my old 4wds was not doing anything to look after the paint. A little scratch here and there quickly cover your pride and joy and before you know it it’s too far gone.

With the y62 Patrol being so expensive and probably arguably to nice for me to bash around the bush we decided to give Bushwrapz paint protection film (PPF) a go. This PPF covers all of the sides of the Patrol and has self-healing properties so any scratches should just fade away.


Now the y62 will never be a GQ on 6” lifted flexi coils, but it can still be better than standard. HBMC (hydraulic body motion control) suspension is a little tricky to lift as each strut / shock is linked.

Most opt for spaced lower control arms in the front. But unfortunately the factory springs can barely handle the weight of the motor let alone any other accessories you mount over the front axle.

This is why we had our y62 patrol lifted by East Coast Customs. The HBMC struts are depressurised and the re-sprung on Dobinson coils to you required spring rate. We went with the larger lift giving us around a 65 mm height increase.

We also added Airbag man 12” airbags with Kevlar high pressure sleeves to be able to handle the ever changing load in the rear of our Patrol. This is essential for your rear wheel alignment with independent rear suspension.


The main reason we brought an y62 Patrol was because I always wanted to own a v8. And off course what is the point of having a v8 if it doesn’t sound like one?

We fixed this with a Pacemaker cat back system with no rear muffler. We also added AVO turbo world secondary cat delete pipes seeming the patrol has 4 catalytic converters from the factory.

Interior and Electrical

False floor

When it came to planning the interior for our y62 we decided simple, modular and practical was the way to go this time. While I do miss having a permanently mounted draw system, every day practicality won this time.

The key to having a modular storage solution for our y62 patrol is having a fixed false floor behind the 3rd row seats with aircraft tracking to be able to secure the big heavy gear to.

This is another DASH Offroad product is the solution for this. The 3 piece modular floor.


Sticking with the versatile option we have decided to run Companion Rover 70ah battery pack. This paired with our 200w solar panels is proving to be a solid power solution for our needs.


UHF radio in a 4wd is essential from traveling in convoy with your mates to solo touring. Giving the ability able to communicate if needed.

We are using a Uniden x76 remote mic UHF radio with a Uniden AT970BKS areal on a Vogue Industries mirror aerial mount. Nice and simple, clean, crisp comunications.


The y62 already has really great headlights from the factory. But extra auxiliary lighting always makes night time better. It’s no secret I have a little fetish with aftermarket lighting so there was always going to be a few improvements.

Interior lights

Interior lights are your standard dull halogen bulbs, so it was a full set of Stedi LED replacement globes and a little rock light rear mod.

Boot light modification


Having saved my old Stedi Type X Pro spotlights from the old Fortuner we gave them a clean-up and reused them for the patrol. After all they are still the best 4wd LED spotlights available in my opinion.

Stedi smart harness, y62 specific headlight adapter and switches make the install to easy. We originally mounted these behind the grill on an AE CO bracket while we waited for the front bar to arrive

Light bar

With the new Offroad Animal bar going on, I just had to put a light bar in the designed gap.

We decided to try something a little different this time and went with a Stedi ST1K LED light bar. This has since became my favourite light

On-board Air

The key to 4wding any situation is air pressure. The right air pressure will take you further than any modification you do.

Onboard air for us comes from our old ARB single air compressor that is mounted under bonnet on a DASH Offroad bracket. This is now too small for us, we will eventually change to a dual compressor because of our large tyre size.


If you go solo 4wding or just like tough tracks get a winch. You can’t put a price on the reassurance from having a plan B.

We decided to try out a FieryRed winch from Vic Offroad. They seem good value for money and have the strength to pull the big heavy Patrol.

Modified Y62 Patrol Future Plans

Our Modified y62 Patrol is no different to any of our other 4wds in the sense the modifications will never be finished. There will definitely be some sort of snorkel in the future, at this time I am leaning towards 5” stainless.

Power, while it definitely has plenty of get up and go I think at minimum I will eventually add some headers and tune it. Maybe even add a supercharger, but until then I am quite happy at the moment.

Bushwrapz Advance PPF Paint protection film finished product Y62 patrol

Like all good plans, it most definitely didn’t go to plan. With the 4wd industry booming and with Covid affecting the world, parts were quite hard to get and I had to wait for most things. The best advice I can offer is order everything as soon as you can.

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