Kids Education While Travelling? It Can Be Done

Hitting the road with kids? What about education while you are travelling? Many families choose to take their children out for a term, a semester or even a year to hit the open road. They either partake in distance learning or choose to follow a homeschooling curriculum.

But does this set your child up for failure once they return to the physical classroom? Not necessarily so – with the right support of course.

kids sitting back of car Kids education while travelling

Using an Online Tutor

If you have the capacity to use great wifi while you are travelling, an online support network of tutors could be exactly what you are looking for. These are professionals who know the curriculum inside and out and know the best ways to help children develop healthy learning and study habits even if they are out on the road with their families.

It can be difficult as a parent to stay on top of home learning. This last year of online learning has taught us exactly that – we are NOT education professionals! Enlisting the services of a professional tuition company means that you are inviting real teachers or those with real, feet on the ground experience in education into your mobile home or tent to help you assist your children in ways that you are just not physically, mentally or emotionally capable of.

Learning on the Road

There are many opportunities during your travel to teach your kids about real world experiences. Think of the countless towns and shires that you will be visiting. The natural wonders and beautiful parts of this country that you just cannot connect with via a textbook or a screen. Your children will learn maths, geography, art, history and language through immersion in the beauty and wonder of travel.

Work with your child’s school to unpack the curriculum that they will be missing while they are on the road. Many schools now offer online learning as part of their curriculum through online platforms like Stile and Teams – is your child able to partake in lessons via those means? If your school cannot provide these online supports, consider opting into Distance Education schools to ensure that they don’t fall behind and that they will be confident and competent upon their return to a brick and mortar classroom.

Just because they are not in school uniform doesn’t mean they’re not learning. It’s a bold, exciting move to take your family on the road and your child’s education does not have to be put on hold just because you’re out of town.

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