Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains- World’s Oldest Open Caves

On our recent trip to the Blue Mountains we had planned a lot of hiking and sightseeing. And while the kids enjoy nature and discovering new places, they also like to appreciate the more quirky and interesting places.

We wanted the kids to have as much fun on this holiday as us, so we were determined to find something that the kids would enjoy. After consulting our reliable source Google, we stumbled upon the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains.

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains. Lucas Cave open chamber

Jenolan Caves tours

There are approximately 12 cave tours and of those we opted for the Lucas Cave tour as it was recommended for kids and families due to its large open chambers. It was also one of the more affordable options.

As we climbed several flights of stairs to reach the opening of Lucas Cave, we were surprised to discover that even though it was freezing outside, the cave was a balmy 15°C. Given how cold it was outside, this felt like a heater. We soon learnt that regardless what time of year it is or how hot / cold the mountains are, the caves are consistently 15°C.

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains. Lucas Cave limestone formations

What to expect from Lucas Cave tour

There are a few things that make the Lucas Cave appealing beyond the affordability factor. It features the highest chamber, at 54 metres high. ‘The Cathedral’ is a popular wedding destination for those wanting something more unique and as a result of it’s belief to have the best acoustics, it is not uncommon for musical concerts to be held in ‘The Cathedral’.

The Cathedral was quite remarkable to see and when the tour guide explained what it was used for, you could instantly imagine the history and romantic traditions taking place within the chamber.

What really got everyone excited though was ‘The Broken Column’. It is claimed to be the most photographed limestone formation at Jenolan Caves. And is really quite amazing to see.
Definitely the highlight!

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains. Lucas Cave | Broken column

Is it the Lucas Cave suitable for everyone?

On the Jenolan Caves website it states that the fitness level is ‘harder’, however most people should be able to do it with ease. There were children as young as 5 doing the tour with their family. The hardest and most strenuous part is the flights of stairs before you actually enter the cave, once you are inside the walk becomes much easier. *If you have mobility concerns, perhaps an easier Jenolan Cave tour would be ideal.

The cave is well lit throughout and offers many rest stops to catch your breath, soak in your surroundings and time to take photos.

The tour guide was a wealth of information and had all the kids laughing with his daggy jokes and cheesy humour, which kept the atmosphere light and fun.

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains Australia. Lucas Cave lights display

Lucas Cave details:

Opening hours: Each tour runs at its designated time (see timetable) and office opens at 9am daily.
Tour duration: 1.5 hours
Length: 860 metres
Tour size: maximum 60 people
Stair steps: 910
Price: $35 adult, $24 pensioners/children, $81 family (2x adults & 3 school aged children).
Under 6 is free.

For a full list of Jenolan Caves prices, tours and reviews – visit tripadvisor.

The Blue Mountains are full of heritage, magnificence and are packed with natural treasures just like the Jenolan Caves. Be amazed, be adventurous and be inspired by its beauty!

Have you experienced the Jenolan Caves? Which cave did you visit?

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Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains. Lucas Cave oldest open caves in the world | Broken column

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  1. 27/02/2017 / 12:57 pm

    I’d love to take our kids to the Blue Mountains. I remember seeing the Cathedral cave when I was a kid – it’d be awesome to share it with my kids too!

  2. Jaca
    28/02/2017 / 12:01 am

    Wow! What lovely photos! I think this cave is a must-visit if we ever visit the east coast again. Thanks for posting! xx

  3. 28/02/2017 / 12:45 am

    Amazing. We have caves here in the states and are waiting until the twins are a bit older before we explore them. It is def, on our family bucket list though.

  4. 01/03/2017 / 10:12 pm

    We last visited Jenolan caves with extended family for the weekend, we loved be drhe caves although I can’t remember which ones we went into! I have been thinking about returning!

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