What Is a Throttle Control Module & What Does It Do?

If you have looked into 4wd performance upgrades, odds are, at some point you would have heard about throttle modules. There are many different names given to throttle modules; Pedal torq, Windbooster, iDrive and I’m sure many others. After considering the need for the one, we recently installed an iDrive throttle module in our Fortuner.

What does a throttle module do? The iDrive throttle control module alters the signal from your accelerator to the throttle body. This gives you a quicker response from your throttle for sharper acceleration.

iDrive throttle control module installation

The installation is simple and requires no tools. All you need to do is:

  • Locate the wiring plug for your accelerator.
  • Unclip the factory plug, insert the iDrive plug and reconnect the factory plug on the other side.
  • Find the perfect place to mount the iDrive unit and you are done. The LCD is a bright blue so keep this in mind for night driving when positioning.
  • You will have to set it for either manual or auto transmission.
  • Select what mode you would like to use and that’s it.

The iDrive comes with clear instructions and it’s nice and simple to use. It takes around 5 minutes to install.

iDrive Australia throttle control module auto mode

How throttle control modules work

iDrive throttle module has 18 different settings. 9 ultimate performance settings and 9 economy settings.
The ultimate mode changes the throttle response so you get quicker acceleration and it makes diesel lag seem non-existent. It is important to note that a throttle module will not increase power or torque, but it will definitely liven up your 4wd.
The economy settings do the opposite and dampen the throttle sensitivity and slows the throttle response. This is ideal for off-road situations like crawling over rocks where you don’t want punchy throttle response.
On top of these 18 different settings, there is also an auto control mode. In auto mode, it’s responsive when you need it to be and when you are just cruising it feels as if the throttle response is normal. I find this is the perfect mode.

I know what you’re thinking, I can just push faster on the accelerator and achieve the same results. I’ll be honest I was a little guilty of thinking the same. After using a throttle control module for a while now, I will guarantee that no matter how good your throttle control is you will not be able to replicate what the iDrive can do.

Toyota Fortuners come standard with a form of throttle module from the factory. The PWR and ECO buttons behind the gear stick do exactly that, alter the throttle sensitivity. So why do I need an iDrive? Simply, iDrive just does it better. Having the auto control mode seems to give the perfect throttle response in everyday driving situation. Most importantly, whatever setting you like to drive in, the iDrive module will remember every time you start your car.

toyota fortuner on beach with roof rack

The few hundred dollar question…

Is it worth the few hundred dollars outlay? Yes! While it won’t increase power or torque, it will definitely improve the way your 4wd accelerates. The iDrive Australia throttle module will make your sluggish diesel more responsive and dare I say more sporty.

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  1. Lawrie
    31/05/2018 / 2:20 pm

    Just wanted to know that you have both the iDrive and Steinbauer fitted to your Toyota, so if you do does it clash with each other or work really well together??

    Kind Regards,

    • 22/07/2018 / 9:57 pm

      Hi Lawrie, sorry for the late reply. Yes that is correct we run both. I find the iDrive complements what the Steinbauer module is doing. They both perform flawlessly.
      Cheers, Caleb.

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