How to Pick the Right Camping and Caravan Mats

Urgh! Sand in the tent again. Dirt walked through the caravan. When travelling and camping with kids this is a common issue that parents face but it can be avoided or at minimum reduced (and not by leaving the kids at home).

There are a few ways you can add a bit of comfort to your set up and reduce the mess. Camping and caravan mats anyone? If you have used one, you will know they make the world of difference. But you might not know what to look for when buying one. Here are a few tips we have learned during our time travelling with little ones.

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What to look for when buying camping and caravan mats

Like any purchase, it pays to do your research. Here are just some of the factors you should consider before you buy outdoor camping mats.

  • Quality – Is the fabric durable? Keep in mind it needs to withstand not only what the great outdoors throws at it but also your family.
  • Outside edging – Is the outside edging stitched well? Does the camping mat have eyelets or another securing option? Depending on your travel set up you might not need this option, however, it is worth considering how will they be secured to the ground should you require it.
  • One way – A lot of travellers are now opting for one way sift mats. What is this? It basically allows any sand, dirt, spills, etc. to fall straight through the mat but it doesn’t allow the sand or dirt to come up from the bottom. Pretty handy!
  • Size – The size of your outdoor floor cover is important. There is no point in getting a camping floor mat that is too small and doesn’t cover the area required. Ensure you get the right size mat for your caravan or camping set up.
  • Easy to clean – This one is a no brainer but many people seem to overlook this factor. Camping and caravan mats need to be easy to clean because they will get dirty. That’s the point of having them… they catch the mess so your sleep space doesn’t.
  • Material – The material of your mat is a personal choice. Some opt for cheap tarps, others like shade cloth style mats, while some outdoor enthusiasts prefer to use camping mats made from recycled plastics so they can do their bit for Mother Nature.

What to look for when buying camping and caravan mats

Other ways you can reduce the amount of dirt and sand entering your ‘away from home’ living space are:

  • Take shoes off before entering the sleeping space
  • Clean feet before going inside
  • Select a camp spot away from sand or loose dirt

As any experienced camper or traveller will tell you, there are endless things you can do to make your experience more enjoyable. Good quality camping and caravan mats for outdoor flooring is just one of them!

What do you look for when buying outdoor flooring mats?

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