GLAMPING – Luxury Camping for the Reluctant Camper

Camping seems to be something that’s in your blood. Many people are born with a love for camping pumping through their veins. They love the simplicity, the serenity and even the sand that sneaks into the tent.

For others, however, camping seems like something out of a horror movie. Dirt, flies, public toilets – the stuff that nightmares are made of.

This is where GLAMPING comes in. Luxury camping is a way to gently ease the reluctant camper into the camping mindset without giving them a shock to the system.

luxury camping glamping tent

Glamping NSW in Kingscliff

The Surfari tents at Kingscliff North Holiday Park provide families with the opportunity to camp in luxury.

The glamping set up here is typical of similar venues. There is a hard floor, a multi-room tent, working plumbing (including a hot shower and flushing toilet), raised beds and couches. There was even a television, fridge and microwave.

A key element of glamping is a close attachment to amenities and comforts while still providing the camping experience. The tents themselves are in working order – material, netting and zip flies included.

Surfari tents at Kingscliff North Holiday Park

Image submitted by L. Lavery. Used with permission.

Glamping and family holidays

Easing small children (and somewhat reluctant spouses) into glamping means that the initial camping experience will generally be very easy to handle. The ability to park right next to the tent, store multiple items inside the tent easily and to use the bathroom without having to leave are all attractive options for families.

Finding a great glamping NSW spot will also mean that, for the most part, it will be in a fairly populated area. Glamping and luxury camping usually take place quite close to amenities. Depending on location, this may mean being close to attractions, public pools and facilities, restaurants and shopping centres. This, too, is an attractive feature of glamping – it’s all very easy!

The ability to store and cook food inside the tent is also an enticing option for families and couples who have dietary requirements. The ability to keep things like milk and medicine cold provides a security that many find comforting. Quickly popping popcorn in the microwave is also a winning concept!

glamping native plants

Image submitted by L. Lavery. Used with permission.

Drawbacks of glamping

Glamping is certainly not for everyone. Some more seasoned campers and travellers may find it difficult to grasp the logic behind a tent-that’s-not-a-tent. Glamping feels similar to staying inside a hotel room that has soft walls. It’s not an ‘outdoorsy’ experience in the same sense that traditional camping is.

Choosing a luxury camping holiday also limits travellers in terms of location. Rather than spontaneous decision making, glamping fixes holiday makers firmly in a fixed location that is serviced by holiday park owners.

Staying in a holiday park also limits options in terms of camping related behaviour. There aren’t generally options to light fires, make a lot of noise after dark or play traditional camping games like spotlight in a park that has restrictions on it.

little boy glamping at beach

Image submitted by L. Lavery. Used with permission.

The Verdict

Glamping NSW and beyond offers a luxury camping experience for people who may not normally be interested in camping. It can almost be considered a ‘gateway drug’ for more adventurous holiday options.

It’s a case of weighing up what could be considered to be the important elements of making a decision about where to holiday. Is comfort and convenience to be valued above experiencing nature and being spontaneous? Is storage more important than cost? These are all things to be considered.

Glamping is a great experience and, like any aspect of travel, it has to be properly seen to be believed. There’s definitely something to be said about a hot shower when travelling!

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