Gap Rd Freemans Waterhole 4×4 Track

Gap Rd is one of those 4×4 tracks that leaves you wondering what lies beyond the entrance.

At a glance it is a single lane that climbs up forever. Let me show you this Freemans Waterhole 4×4 track!

Toyota Fortuner Offroad- rock climb - Gap Rd Freemans Waterhole 4x4 track NSW

How to get there

Gap Rd is in the Awaba State Forest running between Freemans Drive and Palmers Road. If you start at Freemans Drive it will be a mostly downhill run. I chose to start off at Palmers RD. For a Google Pinpoint click here.

What to expect from Gap Road Freemans Waterhole 

Gap Road was once bog holes, decent ruts, rock steps with a steep hill climb thrown in for good measure. Recently, the track has had major works and a lot of the rock steps have been bulldozed and removed. There are still a few mud puddles and a steep climb. Next to the steep climb there is a set of rock steps to play on. Gap Rd will now make a great beginner track.

I’m certain as time goes on Gap Road at Freemans Waterhole will once again become a challenging track. There are still a few good side tracks to explore if you are looking for something a little more challenging. Overall, this is a good track to introduce someone new to 4wding.


NB: If there is any moisture in the ground, the road will be really slippery.

What makes it great

If you’re looking for a quick beginner track that is easy enough to do by yourself, Gap Road Freemans Waterhole 4×4 track is for you. An easy 1-hour drive from Sydney and Newcastle makes it a great 4wd day trip or head off to the Watagans 4×4 tracks for more.

Highlights –  A great easy track to learn on. Some steep climbs and descents.
Negatives – Will quickly become an easy track even to the inexperienced.
Track grade – Easy.
Suitable Vehicle –  Unmodified, possibly even a soft roader if you tip toe around the mud puddles.
Time – Allow around half an hour to complete.

Happy Go Travel 4x4 vehicle & track information

Disclaimer: Use this as a guide only. You are responsible for your own safety.

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