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When it comes to camping and living out of your 4wd or 4wd touring as I like to call it. The humble 12 volt fridge soon becomes your best friend. After all, it keeps the beer cold. But it’s a love-hate relationship.

Fridges are big, heavy and awkward to get into when they’re in the back of your rig. It’s no secret that fridge slides have made fridge access easier but then the fridge drop slide came along and changed the game. This is why we knew we needed a fridge drop slide in preparation for our recent Fraser Island trip. We opted for the Clearview Easy Slide. Now that we’ve some time to put it to good use we wanted to give it a proper review.

What is a fridge drop slide?

A fridge drop slide is a tray (somewhat resembling an open drawer) that your fridge sits on and is secured to. This slides outward and also lowers your fridge down so it’s easy to get contents in and out of.

Clearview easy slide Review - ES100 plus Toyota fortuner fridge drop slide

Clearview Easy Slide

The Clearview Easy Slide comes in 3 sizes to suit most 12 volt fridges. We found the ES-100 Plus was the perfect size fridge slide for our Toyota Fortuner. Mounted to a single draw it allows us to maintain one of the 3rd row seats. Here is a brief overview of some key features:

  • The Easy Slide 100 Plus has a massive 180kg load rating.
  • The 2 stage runners overextend 120mm past the base making mounting easy. This is especially handy for modern curvy 4wds where mounting flush against the tailgate isn’t an option.
  • Each individual runner locks open and closed. In addition, there is also a centre locking mechanism to ensure it’s secured for travel. This centre lock is very beefy with a v channel that is rubber lined to ensure it’s rattle free.
  • The fridge drop slide lowers your fridge 290mm. It can be locked into place at 5 different heights: stowed, 50mm, 115mm, 200mm and 290mm.
  • It is locked into place by a single hand operated spring-loaded locking mechanism on the lowering handle. Being spring-loaded if you do happen to accidentally let go it will automatically lock into place.
  • When in the stowed position there are rubber stoppers / anti-rattle blocks at the back. They work perfectly. We have belted across a heap of rough tracks and beaches and it’s yet to make a single noise.
  • To make raising and lowering easy and effortless the Clearview Easy Slides have huge 1500nm gas struts to assist with the weight of a full fridge. Let’s be honest a 47L fridge loaded full of beer and food is bloody heavy!

Clearview easy slide Review - ES100 | fridge slide with attachable tray


The Clearview Easy Slide is an Australian designed product that is of high quality and built to last. The fridge slide is solid 3mm steel black powder coated or stainless steel including all the hardware holding it together. Solid AF is an understatement! The fridge slide also comes with four high-quality cam buckle straps to secure your fridge to the tie-down points on the slide.


Is it heavy? Yes, it’s nearly 40kg. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, think of the load capacity and the quality. When it comes to the overall size, the fridge slide is 75mm either side and 70mm at the back bigger than the actual fridge tray. Tray dimensions: 390mm x 738mm. Again this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it allows air around your fridge to keep it working efficiently.

Optional extras

  • Cable Saver – When using any fridge slide there is the potential for your fridge cord to be caught in the track and be severed. Clearview Accessories have come up with a simple magnetic spring loaded cable holder that the cord just clips in. This keeps the cord up high and safe.
  • Tray – This is simply a tray table that clips on to the end of your fridge slide and can hold up to 15kg. At 454mm x 390mm, it’s big enough to prepare and make a meal on. It takes seconds to set up and pack away and after using it we now won’t be able to live without it. Quite possibly the best invention since the fridge drop slide.

Clearview easy slide - ES100 plus accessories -Toyota fortuner fridge drop slide

The overall rundown

What we love

  • It’s solid AF and really well built
  • Runners overextend and individually lock into place. And features a 3rd centre lock
  • Holds a huge 180kg
  • Gas struts do all the heavy lifting
  • Easy to use
  • Rattle free, not even once
  • Aussie company

What we don’t love

  • Potential pinch point in scissor mechanism, watch little hands and fingers
  • Space – it is a little wide

Overall this is a premium product that is of exceptional quality and easy to use. The fridge drop slide makes life on the road easier and the Clearview Easy Slide, in particular, is one of those accessories that once you have it you can’t live without.

*HGT were gifted the above product. All opinions are honest and our own.

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