Fingal Island, Port Stephens Lighthouse

Fingal Island and the Port Stephens Lighthouse is one of the most memorable Port Stephens attractions.

Every time we venture up Mt Tomaree in the Tomaree National Park we look in awe at the view. We’ve been meaning to actually explore Fingal Island (also known as Shark Island by locals) for a long time, but majority of time the spit has been under water. On a recent visit we were soaking in the views and we could clearly see Fingal Spit was above water. It was time to take on this epic adventure.

Fingal Island, Port Stephens Lighthouse View from Mt Tomaree

How to get to Fingal Island and Port Stephens Lighthouse

  • Park at the Fingal Beach Surf Life Saving Club.
  • Head out to the beach front then continue in a northerly direction and you will end up at Fingal Spit.
  • Please check the tide times before crossing Fingal Spit. At high tide it becomes submerged and is impassable.

What to expect: Fingal Island and the Port Stephens Lighthouse

From the moment you step onto the beach it’s hard going. 2 kms of soft fluffy sand. Walking along the waters edge is just as hard as it falls away quite aggressively into the ocean.

You will cross Fingal Spit and then it’s only a short walk to hard ground. I can’t stress enough about checking the tides. You should allow around 1-1.5 hours from crossing the spit to returning. This will give you a good amount of time to look around.

Once you climb up from the beach to Fingal Island it’s an easy 1.2 km stroll to Port Stephens Lighthouse. The whole way there and back you have spectacular ocean views looking up through some of Port Stephens best secluded bays.

Fingal Island, Port Stephens Lighthouse

What makes it great

Standing on Fingal Island almost feels as if it’s a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. You have the adventure of crossing the high seas, well the waves crashing either side of the spit as you cross at least. When you eventually get to the other side of the island you are greeted with the remains of the homestead and the beautiful old Port Stephens Lighthouse.

Fingal Island Highlights

  • Beautiful views
  • A lighthouse
  • Historic information



Hard. I’m not going to lie, you will be hurting. 4 km’s of soft sand is unpleasant but doable, even with kids. The bright side is once you get to Fingal Island it’s a pretty easy 1.2 km walk to the Port Stephens Lighthouse.

Keep in mind that crossing the spit can be dangerous and you need to understand the tides and how much time you will have on the island.

Happy Go Travel Hike grades

  • If you do happen to become stranded on Fingal Island, we advise you stay and wait for the next low tide to safely cross. We DO NOT advise trying to swim back across. In an emergency contact 000. For further advice or information you can contact Port Stephens Marine Rescue on (02) 4981 3585.


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