5 Reasons You Need a Power Chip

This may come as a surprise to some. Getting a power chip is not just about increasing power and going fast. It’s all about improving the drivability of your car and making it perform better.

Let’s be realistic, I bought a diesel 4wd, not a race car. I don’t expect it to be fast. All we’re looking for is something that drives easily and effortlessly day in day out, including when we hook up our camper trailer.

Toyota Fortuner - Dyno tuning | diesel power chip

Reasons you need a power chip

Practicality – Why not buy a car with more power to start with? Reality is, not everyone can afford a larger, more powerful car. Improving the drivability of our current 4wd is the better option.

Towing – Our Toyota Fortuner can tow 3 tonnes, well it says it can. When we hook up our camper trailer, weighing in at around 1.5 tonnes, we know it is behind us. We would dread stop-start traffic. Hills would result in us holding up and slowing down traffic.

Being a new car this was pretty embarrassing. I could only imagine how bad it would be at full capacity. Admittedly, with the power chip, we still can’t get up every hill in 6th gear. But we definitely don’t struggle to tow the camper trailer anymore.

Toyota Fortuner - Towing a Black Series Alpha Camper Trailer

Driving in the city – When it comes to city driving, we are no race car but we can now keep up with the flow of traffic. Having the power to pull across that busy city intersection, being able to quickly accelerate and merge into the flowing traffic effortlessly has been a welcomed change. Thanks to the added torque and power, city driving is easier than ever.

Hitting the bush – Whether it’s in low 4 staring down an epic hill climb or driving along a soft fluffy beach, this isn’t the place you want to get stuck. Having the power on tap will make all the difference. You can slowly crawl up a steep hill in low 4 without the engine stalling because it’s trying too hard to go slow. And forget the days of having to go faster up something when you need the control and precision of driving slowly. When you’re cruising along the beach and you feel the soft sand start to grab, just put your foot down a little and power on through. Having a power chip can completely change the way you drive off-road.

Toyota Fortuner - Offroad Whitemans Lane Watagans National Park

Modified – Let’s get real, no 4wder has a standard rig. They are modified to be more capable and go further off-road. All your modifications add weight and those bigger tyres will have the drivetrain working harder to make it go. This will result in your 4wd using more fuel but this can be minimised with a diesel power chip. Sure, it won’t halve your fuel consumption but it will help you to retain close to factory figures as a tough 4wd. Not to mention, it’ll perform effortlessly and better than a brand new rig out of the factory.

Race car or not

If you want a fast car, this won’t be the fix you are wanting. Just go and get a big thumping petrol V8 or little turbo hot hatch. If you want to improve the drivability of your 4wd, a diesel power chip will make it perform better than new.

At the end of the day, when it comes to the performance of your car, it could always be better. As cliche as it sounds, since installing our Steinbauer Power module I can honestly say it’s a different car to drive. There is now no situation that is asking too much from our little diesel.

Disclosure: We are Steinbauer Performance ambassadors.
However,  all opinions are our own.

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