CPT 80 Road – Watagans National Park 4×4 Track

Once an old forestry logging compartment, CPT 80 Road now delivers some of the Central Coast’s best 4wding. It offers a little bit of everything from bog holes to rock climbs.

How to get to CPT 80 Watagans 

The best way to get to CPT 80 Rd is via the Mandalong entrance to the Watagans. From Mandalong Rd turn onto Tobins Dr, then turn right in to Prickley Ridge Rd. From there CPT 80 Rd is approximately 2 minutes up on the left. For a Google pinpoint click here.

Toyota Fortuner CPT 80 road going through big puddle at entrance

What to expect at CPT 80 Road

Once you turn into CPT 80 Watagans you are on a nice wide road; if there has been recent rain you will have some awesome long puddles to go through. You will then come across a big rut in the middle of the road and this is where the action starts. Turning to the left down an embankment there are a few rock step downs that will lead you to the bog holes. This is a fun little flex section that will have you stretching and lifting wheels.

Toyota Fortuner CPT 80 road wheel off ground in big rut at entrance

Bog holes

At the bog holes you have 3 main lines to choose from. Make sure you check the depths and get a feel for the bottom.
On any normal day they are deep, stink and seem bottomless; just your typical Watagans bog hole. If you don’t have a winch or another vehicle to recover you I wouldn’t even consider the left or middle options. On the far right there is what you would call the ‘chicken bog hole’, but don’t be fooled by thinking it’s easy. Make sure you check it thoroughly before diving in.

Toyota Fortuner CPT 80 Road bog hole

Hill climbs

After surviving the bog holes you are now on the climb out. This locks you into a steep mountain climb corridor; once in it there is no turning around. It has several big rock steps ready to test your throttle control and the strength of your 4wd. At the top of this climb you now have the option to take the easy way out or you can opt to take on the last climb.

Toyota Fortuner doing hill climb at CPT 80 Road, Watagans National Park

Let’s be honest you will be pumped, so you’re going to do the next climb. This second climb is slightly different. You still end up locked into a corridor but this one is narrow, loose and slippery under wheel. This last hill climb still offers some great challenges with the tightness and a few final steps before you reach the end of CPT 80 Road. The end of the track puts you back out onto Prickly Ridge Road.

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Toyota Fortuner at the end of CPT 80 Road

What makes it great

If your looking for a challenging off road track that will only take a couple of hours to complete CPT 80 definitely offers challenges to get your blood pumping. Being located within an easy 1 hour drive from Sydney and Newcastle, it makes for a great 4wd day trip.

Track info

Highlights – Good challenging track with a little of everything on offer.
Negatives – Bog holes stink and can swallow you whole. Take extreme care around them.
Track grade – Hard
Suitable vehicle –  Tourer to comp truck depending on your line selection you chose.

Happy Go Travel 4x4 vehicle & track information

Have you been to Watagans CPT 80 Road 4×4 track? Tell us all about it.

Disclaimer: Use this as a guide only. You are responsible for your own safety.

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