How Much Does It Cost To Go To Fraser Island?

Want to go to Fraser Island but keep putting it off? Think it will cost too much? Or just have no idea on how much to budget for your Fraser Island trip? This is the actual cost for our family of 6 to spend a week on the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island.

Fraser Island Lake McKenzie

Cost for one week on Fraser Island camping and sightseeing

We have put together a very simple and straightforward list of our cost to go to Fraser Island from the Hunter Valley.

Fuel and getting there

  • On this trip we used a total of 425L Diesel & did 2,815 km in total from the Hunter Valley in our Toyota Fortuner and Black Series Alpha camper trailer = $612
    80L of Diesel in the car, 2x 20L jerry cans and 30L on Fraser Island at $2.20L (not so bad considering it was $1.50 on the mainland)
    > The average price of diesel was around $1.45L
    > 14.5L per 100km average towing
  • 130L Diesel for 775km in the sand (140km towing trailer) with an average of 16.7L per 100.
  • 295L Diesel. 2040 km from home to Inskip Point and back.
  • 1x month beach permit = $50
  • 1x return Fraser Island barge pass for the car and camper trailer = $190

Accommodation and food

  • 1x night camping at Inskip point = $26
  • 6x nights at Cathedrals on Fraser (powered campsite and full park amenities) = $390
  • 1x night camping at Illaroo Campground Minnie Waters = $36
  • 1x lunch at Kingfisher $100 + $50 for drinks = $150
  • 1x breakfast at the Eurong Bakery Pies and sweet pastries = $30
  • Food and drinks on the road = $200
  • Groceries before we left for the 6 of us (covered most breakfasts, lunches and dinners plus drinks) = $500
  • 105L water + 3 cartons of 24x 600ml bottles. We still had some left at the end. Around 20L in the trailer and 1 carton.

Toyota Fortuner parked in front of Black Series camper trailer setup at Fraser Island cathedrals | cost to go to fraser island

Beer and spirits

  • 1x block + 1x 12 pack of beer = $75
  • 1x 6 pack of beer on Fraser = $24
  • 1x carton UDLs = $75


  • 2x stubby coolers = $10ea
  • 4x figurines = $10ea
  • 8x bracelets/anklets = $5ea
  • 2x singlets = $24ea
    Total $148


  • 1x bag of wood 20kg = $30
    (You can have a campfire in the provided fire pits at Cathedrals on Fraser)
  • A few ice-creams and lollies throughout the week on the island = $70
  • Washing machine $4 per load and dryer $5 per load = $18
  • Car wash $30 full auto for the car and $11 washing the trailer = $41

aerial view of Happy Go Travel family on Fraser Island western beach

Total Fraser Island Trip Cost = $2665
$330 per day or $55 per person per day!
Or if you’d rather an all expenses incorporated trip for 94c per kilometre!

You could definitely do your Fraser Island trip cheaper and of course, there are more expensive and extravagant ways to see Fraser. How you spend your time on the World Heritage listed Fraser Island is entirely up to your budget and travel style.

Fraser Island is an absolutely magical place and is a must-see travel destination. We hope this has given you an idea of how much it cost to go to Fraser Island for a week as a family.

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help!

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