Companion Rover 70 Review

Companion Rover 70 review. When it came to 12v power options for the new Patrol I wanted to go with a Lithium battery. Also something easy and simple to install and use. That’s where the Companion Rover Lithium 70ah power station came in.

Power options don’t get much easier than the Companion Rover 70. It is an all in one portable power bank that consists of a 70ah Lithium battery in a small convenient carry pack. The Rover 70 has heaps of power outlets, also multiple charging options, including solar.

Companion rover 70

Why Lithium?

There are two main reasons I wanted lithium. The first is usable power and the second is weight.

Usable power or depth of discharge (DoD), will play a massive part on your batteries life expectancy. As some might know most deep cycle batteries (led acid, Gel, AGM, etc) should only be discharged to 50% capacity, anything more can cause damage to the battery. With that in mind, a 100ah battery is only good for 50ah.

Where as lithium has a much greater DoD to around 80%. This makes the Companion Rover 70 good for around 56ah of usable power or about 51 hours of running the fridge before needing to be charged.


Lithium batteries are renowned for being light and smaller than equivalent led acid batteries. The Companion Rover 70 power station is no exception of this, weighing in at under 7kgs. Dimension wise it is only 128 x 190 x 310mm.

To put this in to perspective the Rover 70 is under half the size of my previous slimline GEL battery and 4.5 times lighter. Whilst putting out the same usable power. Lithium is just a smarter option.

Companion rover 70 lithium size

Rover 70 features

The Rover 70 has more Power outlets than you can poke a stick at.

  • 4x USB,
  • 1x USB C
  • 1x 12v Cig socket
  • 1x 12v 2-pin output
  • 1x Anderson connection (Via Adaptor)

Companion rover 70 lithium - power outlets

When it comes time to recharge the Rover 70 power station it has 3 different ways to accept charge. Mains power (AC), 12v (DC) and solar with its own built in MPPT regulator.  When setting up camp we throw out our Companion 200w solar panels , this keeps the Rover 70 well and truly topped up.

The Rover 70 power pack also has built in battery protection for over temperature, under temperature, over voltage, under voltage, over current, short Circuit and incorrect polarity. So it’s safe to say it’s a pretty safe power bank.

The built in LCD display that lets you know power levels coming in and going out. This also auto shuts off to save power after 30 seconds.

Companion back the Rover 70 with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind as well.

Our 12v needs

For us we are running a 60L fridge, charging phones, camera gear and running the occasional led light. The Companion Rover 70 will last us a little more than 2 days without a charge. It’s not very often that we stay put for that long so it is perfect for us.

When considering what power option is best for your needs you will need to do some math. Firstly work out what you think you are going to run from your battery. Then work out how many Ah each will use x how long you will run them and that will give you the size battery you need. After that I would add in a safety factor, at least half a day worth of power.

Companion Rover 70 review

The companion Rover 70 is a pint size power station that packs some serious punch. It is well built, reasonably priced and more versatile than every other 12v system I’ve used in the past.

Being able to easily run our camp for two days, multiple charging options. Matched with it compact and portable size. Not to mention its minimal weight. The Rover 70 is the perfect option for our needs. If you would like more information check it out at Companion Outdoor

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