Companion 60L fridge review

Companion 60L fridge review. I have had my new fridge for a while now, put it through a few trips and different situations. So it’s time to share my thoughts.

When it comes to choosing a new fridge there were a few things I was looking for. It needed to be power efficient, reliable and able to handle being thrown around the back of a 4wd for its whole life. The Companion 60L single zone fridge / freezer ticks these boxes and so many more.

Companion 60L fridge Reliability

The Companion fridges run a dual speed LG compressor. LG have been around for a long time and have a good reputation. This gives me the confidence that this fridge will be reliable.

With the dual speed compressor it hase two modes. Max mode – this gets you fridge cold and to temperature quickly. Eco mode – will run as efficiently as possible once at temperature.

Power efficient

This matched with its thick wall construction and good insulation, make for it being a very economical fridge to run. We have found we sit around 1ah on average to run the Companion 60L fridge. Paired with our Companion Rover 70 power bank we can easily get a couple of days running it.

Power cords have low profile 90 degree plugs. It comes with both cig and a 240v adaptor so you are able to run the fridge off of mains power if you need.

On top of its low power draw, the companion fridges have built in battery protection. There are three levels of battery cut off you can choose from. Also there is a battery gauge on the LCD panel that lets you know what your battery level is.

The LCD display and control panel is recessed into the side of the fridge to protect it. This will save accidently hitting any of the buttons unintentionally. The controls are easy to use and set out simply. The LCD displays all the information in an easy to read and understand way as well.

The construction

Built well would be an understatement for the Companion 60L fridge. With a metal outer and metal lined construction it is easy to keep clean. Heavy duty low profile metal handles make it easy to carry and secure. Metal latches hold the lid closed nice and tightly. It also has metal soft close hinges on the lid. But best of all they are strong enough to hold the lid open while you reach in.

One thing I have come to realise in my time using 12v portable camp fridges is 60L (or whatever L size your looking at) comes in all shapes and sizes. The dimensions of the Companion 60L are 661L x 522W x 575H (mm). This worked out good for us, as it easily fits in the back of the Patrol and I can still use one of the 3rd row seats.


Final thoughts

My Companion 60L Fridge has held up to the punishment of bouncing around in our 4wd. With so many cool features that I never knew a 12v fridge needed. Calling it a great fridge would just be an understatement.

If you are looking for a good value for money 12v fridge, that will be rugged and reliable. Definitely check out the Companion fridge line up. These are so much more than a shiny silver box that keeps your beer cold.

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