Companion 200w Solar Charger Review

When it comes to powering your adventures, should you be considering solar? YES! ABSOLUTELY! Why wouldn’t you want it? It’s free power from the sun. 

How are we going to harvest this magic free power? As the title of this suggests, with a Companion 200W solar charger. 

car on beach with Companion 200w solar charger review


What you need to know about solar panels


If you remember back to our Dual Battery set up we always planned on solar at a later date and we set up the Fortuner to be able to accept solar input.

When it comes to solar panels, there are so many different things to consider. 

  • Portable or permanently mounted. 
  • Hard or soft. 
  • What grade panels. 
  • What wattage do you need? 
  • And so on. 

Confused yet? Yeah me too! So, let’s work it out together.

Companion 200w Solar Charger

With our situation, portable soft panels are ideal as we will be using solar between our 4wd and the pirate ship (camper trailer). 

Space is always at a premium, closely followed by weight. This is where the Companion 200w solar charger is king. Folding up to 525 x 525 x 95mm and weighing only 9kg, it’s easy enough to fit into both. When folded out, the 5 panels come to 2610 x 525mm.

Companion 200w solar charger review ETFE Laminated

Companion 200w Solar Charger features


  • ETFE – The Companion 200w solar panels use ETEF (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene) lamination. Easily seen in the panel surface that has dimples and looks tough and strong. It also helps to capture more light. The ETFE lamination makes the panel’s weather, UV and chemical resistant. 
  • Casing – The outer shell or case is really good quality as well. It is made from 900D polyester and has large nylon handles that have a rubber grip for soft easy carrying. There is also a large pocket on the case to be able to carry all the cables required.
  • Adjustable – When the panels are folded out, each of them has an adjustable support leg. These are adjustable via a nylon strap that is marked in 5° increments to get that perfect sun harvesting angle.
  • Eyelets – Each of these legs has a reinforced eyelet on the bottom. The solar panels also have 2 reinforced eyelets on each end to be able to secure to the ground or even lock them up to prevent theft.
  • Amp output – The companion 200w solar charger has a maximum amp output of 11.1Ah. The panels make this possible by having a solar efficiency of 19.5% through the A grade monocrystalline silicon cells. This means it has plenty of power to punch some juice into the batteries. Even if you do like to get to camp a little later like us.


What’s included?

Everything you need to benefit from the 200W of sun harvesting goodness is included! 

  • With the panels, you get a 20A PWM controller with Anderson in and output and also a USB output on it. 
  • The companion 200w solar charger is capable of charging – AGM, Gel, Calcium, Li-ion, LiFeP04 and LiNiMnCo02. So pretty much every battery ever made.  
  • 5m Anderson extension cable and also a 0.5m Anderson to alligator clamp cable if you don’t have Anderson input to your battery. All the cabling is thick gauge and feels to be good quality.


Companion 200w solar charger review whats included

It’s easy to see why the Companion 200w Solar Charger is the right option for us. Soft portable panels were always going to be the right style for us using them between two vehicles. 

They’re built well and tough enough to survive our lifestyle. On top of all that, they are efficient and high powered enough to maximise quick setups.

Companion 200w Solar Charger final thoughts

If you are in the market for one of the best foldable, soft portable solar panels you should definitely check out the Companion 200w solar charger. The quality will not disappoint.  

Companion 200w solar charger review set up

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