Bushwrapz Paint Protection Film Review

Scratches are just part of four wheel driving! Well they don’t have to be. With our new Patrol we didn’t want to make the same mistakes we did with our old Fortuner. This is why we decided to try Bushwrapz paint protection film. Being brand new and worth so much it makes sense to have some form of paint protection.


Bushwrapz PPF Paint protection film

What is Bushwrapz? Bushwrapz is a clear self-healing wrap that protects your 4wd from the harsh off-road environment that we all love to drive. In the sun those annoying scratches and pin striping heal over and disappear keeping you 4wd scratch free and looking brand new for as long as possible. Really, it’s a no brainer.

When it comes to protecting your 4wd, your brain automatically thinks of bar work, bash plates and so on. You rarely think about paint protection until it’s too late. Let’s be realistic, it’s really not that hard to scratch your beloved 4wd, especially when you use it off road.

What is Bushwrapz Paint protection film?

Bushwrapz is essentially a clear wrap for your four wheel drive. Paint protection film, also known as PPF. It is protective film that conforms between the paint on your vehicle and anything that will cause damage like scratches and stone chips. It is the sacrificial barrier that keeps your vehicle looking new.

Levels of protection

Bushwrapz offer 3 different kits with varying levels of protection. 2x designed for DIY installation and 1x designed for professional install.

Bushwrapz Cape – Ideally suited for that trip of a life time. Wrap your vehicle for the trip and peal it off when your home again. Pre-cut panels for easy DIY installation. They have a 2-3mm tolerance around all edges, handles, badges etc. It has light self-healing properties and some tear resistance. Bushwrapz Cape offers a 1 year warranty.

Bushwrapz Advance – This is the kit we went with. This is a longer lasting PPF that has better self-healing properties and more tear resistance than the Cape kit. The Bushwrapz Advance is perfect for those who do a lot of 4wding and are looking for good value protection for their 4wd. Pre-cut panels for easy DIY installation. They have a 2-3mm tolerance around all edges, handles, badges etc. Bushwrapz Advance offers a 5 year warranty.

Bushwrapz Pro – This is the ultimate in protection covering every square inch of your vehicle. Wrapping around all edges and leaving nothing exposed. This is designed be installed by a professional installer. The Pro kit offers the highest level of tear resistance and self-healing.

There is a kit to suit all budgets and levels of protection.

Bushwrapz Advance PPF Paint protection film finished product Y62 patrol

Paint protection film installation, not as hard as you’d think!

When it comes to installation of the Bushwrapz paint protection film, DIY kits seemed like a daunting task but once started, it is actually relatively easy to do it yourself.

  1. First things first, before starting you need to make sure your vehicle is clean. And I mean spotless clean not just hit with the hose after your last 4wd trip clean. Go over every panel that is to be covered with Bushwrapz with a lint free cloth and make sure there is nothing on them.
    After washing our Patrol we went over it with a micro-fibre cloth and removed all the stuck on road grime and tar. There was surprisingly more than I thought.
  2. Now that it’s spotless, mix the Bushwrapz install solution in a spray bottle. Spray the panel you are going to wrap. Peel off the backing of the PPF panel and spray it down as well. You need it wetter than you think. I had both dripping.
  3. Place the Bushwrapz PPF in position and align the edges. Because both surfaces are wet it will be easy to slide it into the correct alignment.
  4. With the alignment correct, use the applicator to start squeegeeing the solution out from underneath. Use a lint free cloth to soak up the excess solution as you work the panel. Caution: the panel may slide slightly to start with.
  5. Once the solution is pushed out, the PPF will stick. We found it was easy to work from one side to another. If you need to lift the film and realign any of it, re-wet it to make it easier to work with.
  6. Use a work light to see any small air or solution pockets. If there are any, just continue to work them out with the supplied applicator tool. Take your time with this step. We found with the curved edges we needed to let them dry a little to be able to manipulate and get the film to firmly stick.
  7. Repeat this process for all the remaining panels. We found it got easier the more we did.

Stand back admire your work and have a beer, you deserve it!

Bushwrapz PPF Paint protection film installation

Overall installation of the Bushwrapz paint protection film is easy. Just take your time, don’t rush and keep it wet until it’s on right. The first side of our y62 Patrol took a bit over an hour, the second side was around 30 minutes to complete as we got better at installing the panels.

Why Bushwrapz

When it comes to paint protection there are many options. To this day, I still have not heard of anyone with a 4wd that is happy with ceramic coating. While I’m sure it makes it easier to clean your car, it doesn’t deflect chips or scratches.

Temporary magnetic options, let’s be realistic do you want to wash your 4wd to put on protection before you go offroad. I definitely don’t! On top of this burden, its not uncommon to hear about those who have lost magnetic panels on the highway.

Bushwrapz is set and forget protection. Get it bush wrapped and know you’re always protected at all times. Not just when you remember to put it on. When you do get scratches on your 4wd it will self-heal. When it comes time to sell your car, peel it off and have that shiny “new one lady owner, never taken off road” look to help with resale.

For me, Bushwrapz is the best option for 4wd paint protection. It is like always having a suit of armour around your 4wd. While we haven’t had Bushwrapz on long it is easy to see it will be a good thing. We are looking forward to putting them to the test of withstanding the punishment that is so common from going off road.

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