Big Rocky Port Stephens – Tomaree Hidden Gem

Tomaree National Park is one of our favourite adventure destinations. It’s close by and has Mount Tomaree that offers spectacular views. Really what more could you possibly want in a day trip? We’re guilty of been blinded by the lights though.

Drawn in by the WOW factor of the main attraction, we’ve overlooked all the other amazing things that the area has to offer. I guess this is why it took us so long to find Big Rocky Port Stephens and realise there is a lot more in the area to explore than what first meets the eye.

Big Rocky, Port Stephens, NSW | Waves crashing on the rocks.
While casually perusing Google maps, as I like to do in my free time, I came across Big Rocky Trail and wondered what lies at the end? It looked too good not to explore.

Big Rocky is an island that sits just off the coast of Port Stephens in between Anna Bay and Fingal Bay. Also out by Big Rocky lies it’s little brother, yep you guessed it, Little Rocky. While this a known spot for rock fishing, it almost feels like you’re on a secluded beach.

Big Rocky Port Stephens, NSW | Big Rocky 4wd access trail

Where is Big Rocky?

The access is via Big Rocky Trail located off Gan Gan Road, around 6km from the Anna Bay roundabout. You will see the green NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service sign marking the entrance. Once leaving the bitumen it’s 1.8km to the 2wd car park.

If you have a 4wd, 3km down the track you will be right on the doorstep of Big Rocky and from there it’s only a casual 200m stroll to the rocks and some of Australia’s most breathtaking coastline. Little Rocky is an easy 600m walk from the car park.

Big Rocky Port Stephens, NSW | Family getting ready at Big Rocky 4wd carpark

As you walk down from the car park, you see glimpses of the crystal clear water, the rocky beachfront and you hear the waves crashing on the rocks. When you get to the end of the track you literally walk out onto a little slice of paradise. It’s hard to believe that we hadn’t heard of Big Rocky Port Stephens before.

Big Rocky Port Stephens, NSW | beach poking through the trees on the walk to Big Rocky

Once you’ve had enough of sitting back relaxing and soaking in the views, go and have a wander around. Climb some rocks, enjoy the views and dip your feet in the crystal clear waters.

Big Rocky Port Stephens, NSW | Crystal clear beach

Safety first

When exploring Big and Little Rocky, just remember that it can be a dangerous place. The power of the ocean will quite easily swallow you up so make sure you take extra care near the edges, and don’t take your eyes off the waves. If exploring with kids, keep an eye on them at all times.

Big Rocky Port Stephens, NSW | Standing a top of the rock mountain at Little Rocky

When you finally catch your breath from hiking the Summit of Mt Tomaree come and see some of the other amazing things that the Tomaree National Park has to offer.

Check out Little and Big Rocky Port Stephens, you will not be disappointed. Watch our VIDEO HERE!!

Have you explored Big Rocky, Port Stephens yet? Tell us what you thought!

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Big Rocky Port Stephens, NSW | Waves crashing on the rocks

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  1. Glen
    17/03/2017 / 9:40 pm

    My dad lives at middle rock so I’ve been out this track twice. Nice spot. Worth it if you are already there.

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