Airbnb vs Hotel – Which Is Better For Your Holiday?

Happy Go Travel isn’t JUST about the camping (though, admittedly it is a lot of the time). Sometimes the finer things in life are required and there will come a time when a choice awaits your family. Should you stay in an AIRBNB or HOTEL?

Here are some arguments in favour of each that should hopefully make this decision a little clearer.

airbnb vs hotel room - which is better?

Should we stay in an AIRBNB?

The rise of the share economy has meant that Airbnb has become hugely popular over the last few years. However, it can be confusing if you’ve never stayed in one before so hopefully, this will clear things up for you.

You book and find your Airbnb online. You must prove identity (this will mean scanning identity documents) and provide your credit card details to the site. The individual who owns the Airbnb will not have your credit card details – they are stored within the site for security.

Pros of Airbnb

  • A huge pro in the Airbnb vs Hotel decision is that Airbnb’s generally have quite flexible cancellation policies. You can often cancel right up until the last minute and still get all of your money back (apart from the small cut that Airbnb takes).
  • Affordable – larger families will often find Airbnb more affordable as you are charged a set rate and not per night per person. You can usually get well located properties close to attractions, the beach, the city hub, etc. at a fraction of the cost a hotel would charge.

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Great Ocean Road attractions

Must see in the Blue Mountains

Cons of Airbnb

  • A negative that many people find is that sometimes properties aren’t what they appear to be. It’s important to read all the reviews and check authenticity before booking.
  • You will not able to book travel packages that cover everything from flights, accommodation and rental cars. You can book accommodation OR experiences separately through Airbnb but not combined.

    airbnb vs hotel - hotel room

Should we stay in a HOTEL?

Not everyone feels comfortable staying in someone else’s home, whether they are present or not. This is just one reason why hotel accommodation will always be a popular choice.

Pros of hotel

  • With a hotel, what you see is what you get. There’ll (generally) be a pool, plenty of parking and you’ll have a huge network in place if anything goes wrong.
  • Hotels can often be more secure than Airbnb’s purely by nature of their design which may be of importance to your family.
  • Often you will get a taste of luxury, even if it is only for one night.

Cons of hotel

  • Hotels are (on the whole) more expensive than Airbnbs and their cancellation policies are nowhere near as flexible. However, many of them come with great recommendations and you’ll be assured of a quality stay every time.

What’s the verdict – Airbnb vs Hotel?

Airbnb offers you the chance to ‘live like a local’ which can really improve an experience while travelling. They also have a wider range of kid-friendly options. Many have cots, prams, high chairs, toys and movies as part of their listing.

If you haven’t experienced Airbnb, be bold and give it a try!

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