Aftermarket Upper Control Arms – Why You Need Them

There are two aftermarket upper control arms (UCA’s) options available for your 4WD, adjustable upper control arms and fixed upper control arms. Each option has its pros and cons. Read this and see why we decided to use the new Nolathane fixed upper control arms.

Toyota Fortuner Nolathane UCA's

It’s no secret to anyone following us on Facebook or Instagram that we have started playing around with our Toyota Fortuner’s suspension. The main reason we went with the Nolathane fixed UCA’s is the simplicity. You get all of the benefits of an adjustable UCA, without all the adjustment options and the guarantee that the ball joint won’t slip.

We opted for fixed arms as we don’t need huge amounts of castor and camber. Why you ask? Simply because we are not going to max everything out in our suspension set up. The aim is to stay around 3”. The Nolathane UCA’s give an impressive 3˚ of castor and some camber which is more than sufficient for what we want to achieve.

Toyota Fortuner Nolathane upper control arms. suspension flex on a rock at the beach

Why do you need UCA’s 

Firstly, the factory UCA’s were never designed to sit at 3” lift or above. When you’re lifting your 4wd it alters the wheel alignment; this will lead to premature tyre wear and affect the handling of your rig if not dealt with.

Most suspension shops can get you back within a reasonable range at around 2” of lift. Much more than that and you will start to max out the adjustment in the lower control arm that gives you your alignment.

The Nolathane fixed upper control arms allow you to retain the factory alignment at around 2” of lift. This gives the room to have adjustment in higher 4WD lifts and the ability to get the alignment correct at this higher height.

Toyota Fortuner upper control arms. at the top of suspension travel

Other benefits of Nolathane upper control arms

  • Stronger – There is no doubt that the Nolathane UCA’s are much stronger than the pressed factory arms. Not that I have ever bent one before, I know there is no chance of it happening with the new Nolathane UCA’s. They are built with 1020 DOM tubing and have 360˚ welds around the forged ball joint housing and end rings. There are also the appropriate bolt locations to secure your ABS lines to the arm. The finish is absolutely flawless, they are clearly built to last.
  • Clearance – This is a big reason to get aftermarket UCA’s. The inside coil clearance and the corrected ball joint angle allows the UCA to freely clear the coil on maximum droop. On top of that, you gain more clearance between the ball joint housing and tyre allowing the fitment of a wider tyre.
  • Bushes – With Nolathane being the leader in Australian bushes, there was no way their aftermarket UCA’s were going to lack on the bushing front. They come equipt with the new GIIRO free moving bushing.
  • Ball Joint – The UCA’s utilise a heavy duty, greaseable, chromoly ball joint that offers increased articulation for improved suspension travel. They are also designed to minimise binding.

If you want to get the most out of your 4WDs lifted suspension check out Nolathane’s new upper control arms. Or if you want to know what is the best 4wd suspension setup, check out this article!




HGT was gifted Nolathane UCA’s, however, all opinions are honest and our own.

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