5 Reasons a STAYCATION can be a great idea

We all need a break but sometimes, for a number of reasons, actually getting there can be a nightmare. Flights, travel, accommodation costs, packing, getting shots – a million and one things to plan and a million and one headaches to have! That’s why more and more people are considering a staycation as their destination of choice for their family holiday.

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What’s a staycation?

A staycation is just what it says on the box. You stay in your home city but you act like tourists and plan to do a number of things you just wouldn’t normally do. You can stay in your own home and ‘holiday’ from there or, like many families, you could consider a stay in an AirBNB or hotel to ‘up’ the vacation factor.

Here are FIVE great reasons why a staycation could just be the perfect holiday for you and your family.

Staycation: Cost

The beauty of having a staycation means that your costs will be lower. You can choose an off-peak season so you won’t be battling against school holiday crowds. You may well be looking at some accommodation costs but they’ll be offset by the fact that you won’t be spending money on plane tickets or much in the way of fuel to get there.

You’ll be able to access all your local food sources so your budget won’t blow out by exorbitant food costs. Public transport or your own car will be an option instead of blowing your budget on taxis. There are so many ways to save!

Staycation: Accessibility

As this is your own city, you’ll have insider knowledge when planning your staycation days of exploration. You’ll know which areas are child-friendly and where you couldn’t possibly take a pram. You’ll know how to negotiate crowds (or lack thereof) and the best times of day to visit certain attractions.

Staycation: Safety

Planning a staycation on your home turf means the added bonus of safety. Particularly with young children, you can often feel very vulnerable when travelling. Staying in your capital city will mean that you’re going to be more comfortable and knowledgeable about the risks associated with certain areas and activities. Insurance will also come into play as you’ll be covered by your own policies (particularly if you’re using your own car).

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Staycation: Support Network

Yearning for some grown-up time during your staycation? Give Granny and Papa a call to see if they’ll come to the AirBNB to do some baby-sitting while you guys go out and catch a movie!

The great thing about a staycation is that you’ll still have access to your regular support network – from babysitters right through to regular medical care.

Staycation: Pets and House Sitting

It’s often the furry members of the family who are often left wanting. Having a staycation means you’ll regularly be able to check on your pets or your house. You’ll be able to ask a friend, relative or neighbour to do pop-in visits and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that Fido and Felix are well looked after without having to splash out on putting them into a boarding kennel.

Choosing to have a staycation – Could you? Would you?

What are your thoughts on the staycation trend? Would you be happy with a holiday of ‘playing tourist’ in your home town? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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