Why You Need a 4wd Disc Brake Upgrade

Modifications come hard and fast when you love 4wding. You modify your tyres, suspension, bar work and pretty much everything else that can be unbolted.

One thing that is often overlooked, is the importance of a 4wd disc brake upgrade. When modifying your 4×4 to make it more capable and go further off road you are putting added strain on its brakes. When you load it up or tow a caravan, camper or boat, you are adding extra load on the brakes which affects the stopping distance.

Our Toyota Fortuner is modified and we love to load it up and hit the road on 4wd touring adventures. Which is why we decided it was time to take action and upgrade the brakes.

Toyota Fortuner 4WD Touring - 4WD brake upgrade

Upgrading to performance brakes 

When you are looking at performance brake upgrades there are a few options that you can choose from. Here are some of the most common upgrades.

  • Braided brake lines
  • Upgrade brake booster
  • Bigger callipers and rotors
  • Better brake rotors

Knowing that we needed to upgrade our brakes for all the reasons mentioned above, we opted for better brake rotors. After a lot of research, there was one company that clearly stood out above the rest when it came to better brake discs. We installed DBA slotted brake discs both front and rear on the Fortuner.

DBA T3 disc packaging, 4WD brake upgrade

Why we upgraded to DBA T3 rotors

  • Made from the good stuff – XG 150, sounds fancy right? This is the high carbon alloyed iron that DBA developed for their rotors. It is designed to handle more heat for longer periods of time. XG 150 is designed to perform with DBA’s thermal stability profiling that ensures the rotor doesn’t crack, warp or fail under extreme braking.
  • Cool under pressure – As with every DBA brake disc, the T3’s have the famous kangaroo paw ventilation system. This technology keeps the discs 20% cooler than the traditional straight vanes. Put simply the cooler your brakes are the better they work.
  • Slots – More than just good looks. The slots disperse the gas generated by the brake pads on the disc. Having no gas pocket creates better contact between the brake pad and the disc. As you can imagine, the more contact the quicker you will stop.  The multi-directional slots are curved so there is minimal noise and better pedal feel. I haven’t noticed any noise from them at all.

What does all this mean? These disc brakes stay cooler which reduces brake fade and will reduce your stopping distance. In addition to that, they are stronger and designed to take the beating that your 4wd will put them under in every day to harsh braking conditions.

DBA T3 brake rotors. 4WD brake upgrade

4wd disc brake upgrade… what’s stopping you?

Since installing our DBA T3 rotors we have travelled thousands of kilometres. Dodging countless hazards from the monstrous kangaroos of outback Queensland to the international tourists down on the Great Ocean Road. There is no doubt that our improved stopping distance has been the only thing that has saved us from any collisions.

A 4wd disc brake upgrade should be at the top of the list of modifications. The safety benefits and improved braking performance far outweigh the cost associated with brake upgrades.

Disclaimer: We received product for the purpose of this review.
All opinions are our own.

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