4 Months On The Road For $100 A Day (No Camping Involved!)

Happy Go Travel - 4 Months On The Road For $100 A Day (No Camping Involved!)

Four months ago we sold our property, stored our precious bits and bobs in a 3m x3m storage unit and began our adventure. The original plan had been to head over to our beloved Asia, but the gods of paperwork conspired against us. Our presence was required in Australia for several months, so what were we going to do on our Asian budget of $100 a day?

How to live on the road for $100 a day

Oh yes, I might throw in here I am a wee bit of a princess, in that I don’t camp or caravan. Interesting hey? $100 doesn’t get you far in our beautiful country so thinking outside the proverbial box was required, big time. Whilst my husband was scratching his head and talking about renting and staying put for a while, I joined a housesitting website. Being fond of the written word I penned a magnificent profile, if I humbly say so myself. Included some happy snaps of us and our past dogs, cows and chooks. Completed all the necessary checks and identification and we were good to go.

travel australia housesitting at beach

Housesitting in Australia

There are numerous housesitting groups out there but the one I kept coming back to was the English site TrustedHousesitters. They had plenty of sits in Australia so I had a scan through, selected those that fitted in and sent off our applications. With no housesitting references, I expected it was going to be tough. My way around that was to include a link to my blog, hoping that our smiling faces would show we weren’t axe murders in our spare time. It worked, homeowners love my travel blog and feel they know us by the time we arrive on their doorstep.

Our first homeowners wanted to meet us, so we met half way and within minutes it was evident we all gelled. Better still though was the reaction of their adored 4-paws when we walked in that first night. It was love at first sniff. Herein lies my top tip for anyone considering housesitting, you must genuinely love animals. They will pick it up if you don’t and the owners will too. If you’re not really an animal person there are sits without animals so look into those instead.

travel australia housesitting with pets

Fantastic locations. Interesting people

After that first sit on the Gold Coast, we ventured south to start our round of sits in Victoria. South Yarra, the Dandenong Ranges, Daylesford and Shoreham just to drop a few names. And then with our saved pennies we explored the Great Ocean Road. Next, it was Canberra and Queanbeyan’s turn for Christmas housesits!

Housesitting has taken us to some fantastic locations and we have met some really interesting people along the way. And as for some of our charges, well let’s just say I have cried a few times when I have had to leave them! The thing I love about housesitting (next to the animals) is that everyone is getting a good deal. We are getting a comfortable home to live in for free and the homeowners are getting their pets and homes looked after for free. The ultimate win:win situation.

So, would I recommend housesitting as an economical way for animal lovers to travel? Absolutely without hesitation! We have loved every minute of it, apart from the “goodbyes”. And for those concerned about our budget, yes we did manage it on $100 a day!

Suzannah - Australian travel blogger couple of grey hairs

4 Months On The Road For $100 A Day (No Camping Involved!) – is a guest post written by Suzannah Arkle.

It’s all my parent’s fault! They took me round the world when I was 11 and I caught the travel bug and haven’t been right since! When I met my husband (AKA my partner in crime, James) things became much, much worse. The travelling got so totally out of hand, our website designer pal suggested I write a travel blog.  As we are both over 50, and under my blonde highlights my hairdresser tells me there is grey, I called the blog “acoupleofgreyhairs”. I wanted to prove that not all over 50s go on cruises or organised tours. In 2017, we sold our property and started travelling full time.

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